#52BTC, or $1M with Bitcoin in a Year

#52BTC, or $1M with Bitcoin in a Year

Here I'll post all links related to my experiment. I will constantly be updating this particular document.

About Experiment

I decided that the best way to understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based companies is to invest in them. The starting amount was 52 BTC, and I'm investing one bitcoin a project each week. My goal is to make +$1,000,000 in one year's time, which means by October 1, 2018.

As of November 1, 2017, my investment income amounted to $111,000, mainly because of the bitcoin's insane rally.

Read how the experiment started: https://old.decenter.org/p/51-bitcoin-experiment-en


Aragon — https://old.decenter.org/p/37-aragon-eng

0x — https://old.decenter.org/p/38-zerox-eng

OmiseGO — https://old.decenter.org/p/39-omisego-eng

Litecoin — https://old.decenter.org/p/40-litecoin-eng

Waves — https://old.decenter.org/p/21-waves-52-btc-en

EOS — https://old.decenter.org/p/17-eos-en

Ethereum – https://old.decenter.org/p/31-ethereum-en

DMarket – https://old.decenter.org/p/54-dmarket-en

BitShares – https://old.decenter.org/p/78-bitshares-en

Monero – https://old.decenter.org/p/108-monero-en

Stellar – https://old.decenter.org/p/114-stellar-en

Raiden Network – https://old.decenter.org/coins/261-raiden-network-en

Binance – https://old.decenter.org/coins/271-binance-coin-en

Kyber Network – https://old.decenter.org/p/299-kyber-network-en

Decentraland – https://old.decenter.org/coins/307-decentraland-en

POA – https://old.decenter.org/coins/339-poa-network-en

Our chat — @DeCenterChat

Contact me — @rusvc

About Me

For those of you who don't know who I am, let me introduce myself briefly. I've been creating and investing in Internet businesses for over 20 years. I've started to explore blockchain and digital currencies back in 2013. I'm the founder of DeCenter, the largest Russian crypto-related community — @DeCenter.

I'm the godfather of cryptoruble. It was our community that invented this term and made it famous. Now millions of people around the world are aware of it and await its launch.

Whenever someone asks me for advice on how to invest in crypto, I answer, "Nobody knows anything."

And I'm not lying.

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