Actifit Fitness Tracker, or just Actifit, is an application of a rare category for decentralized fitness and health programs. Actifit follows human activity and pays out its own AFIT tokens for steps taken. We figured out how the app works and how it differs from classic fitness trackers.

Actifit Fitness Tracker
Actifit Fitness Tracker

A tracker application that pays for activity

The Actifit Fitness Tracker, which is available for download on iOS and Android, is based on the Steem platform and uses AFIT tokens to pay rewards. The user receives coins every day for activity, or to be more precise, for the steps taken. The application itself records the number of movements. It is worth noting that Actifit Fitness Tracker is an accurate application. The number of steps in Actifit and in two other trackers that were installed on the same phone coincided.

The Actifit Fitness Tracker application begins to work from the moment of its opening after installation on the smartphone. Therefore, users must go to the start page to begin recording activity. The first thing that the user sees after the launch of the program is the date, in our case February 26, 2019, as well as the total number of steps and sections that contain information about the user and their physical condition.

Actifit Fitness Tracker review

It is important to remember that the application works only if there is an Internet connection and the smartphone is located next to the user. Despite the morning workout (running and a set of special exercises, which can also be classified as steps), the activity was not recorded, because it took place without the phone.

In addition, Actifit Fitness Tracker is not tied to most smartwatch companies, as electronic devices (Garmin and Apple Watch have been tested) transmit data only to their applications, even if the phone is far from the user. Fitbit is the only watch and tracker company supported by and synchronized with Actifit.

Actifit Fitness Tracker app

The steps in the application were recorded even without registering with the network. To create an account and receive AFIT tokens for activity, users must enter their login from Steem, a private key (not a password), and their physical parameters. In Actifit Fitness Tracker, akin to Nike Run or Garmin Connect, users can take photos and attach them as a reminder of training or walking. Users can also take notes and post them to their account on the Steemit decentralized social network that we already reviewed.

As in other running applications, users can look at the entire tracking history over the course of days in the Actifit Fitness Tracker. There is also a function of the schedule of steps for greater clarity. For motivation and demonstration of activities, there is a section with the leaders who have taken the most steps. For instance, on February 26, the top 10 was led by user @roger5120 (47,534 steps, or more than 23 km).

Actifit Fitness Tracker app review

The rewards in the form of AFIT tokens, which can be converted into STEEM coins, are transferred after walking 5,000 steps. 20 AFIT is the reward for that. The payout table is as follows:

5,000–5,999 steps = 20 AFIT

6,000–6,999 steps = 35 AFIT

7,000–7,999 steps = 50 AFIT

8,000–8,999 steps = 65 AFIT

9,000–9,999 steps = 80 AFIT

> 10,000 steps = 100 AFIT

Actifit Fitness Tracker application

The “View Wallet” section in the Actifit Fitness Tracker application shows the user’s balance, which is available only after registration. Below is a history of transactions that occurred on the network. In the “Settings” section, users can set up a system for measuring physical indicators, or set a reminder for a post.

Actifit Fitness Tracker: Review Summary

The decentralized application does not differ from traditional alternatives in its principles and functioning, which also track human activity. The Actifit Fitness Tracker pays out tokens for steps taken and encourages the user not only to move a lot but also to be engaged in the Steemit social network and tell about their successes. Still, the application is active only if the smartphone is located next to the user.