Auctionity 360, or AY 360, is an application for tracking lots and participating in public auctions from the cryptocurrency firm Auctionity, which is owned by the blockchain-based company DomRaider. The French company launched its website last year, and it has become quite a popular platform for holding auctions in European countries, so, for convenience, Auctionity has developed apps for smartphones that are available for download on Android and iOS.

Auctionity 360
AY 360

Auctionity blockchain application

DeCenter met Auctionity in October at the Crypto Games Conference in Minsk, Belaru. Back then, the developer of the project Begonia Garrido presented the platform and its desktop version. Already then, the Auctionity 360 application was being tested, which was supposed to be an addition to the main website, where bidding on lots of art takes place, paintings in particular.

Auctionity advocates the digitalization of art and the development of a new direction of creativity in IT format. Consequently, the project offers to promote pixel paintings through improved forms of web trade through blockchain auctions where all transactions are made in digital coins. The platform uses the Ethereum blockchain and the token of the parent company, the DomRaider DRT. It is based on the NFT standard or non-fungible token. A similar format is used to unify items in projects such as CryptoKitties.

The application offers to participate in auctions in real time. Initially, without registration and additional data, users can access past, current, and future auctions held on the platform. Other features that are on the site of Auctionity (video playback, communication with the community) are not yet available.

AY 360

To participate in the auctions, it is necessary to scan a QR code, which will be available on the desktop version in your account after passing through the saleroom stage. Therefore, it is better to register through the site. The Auctionity project uses the Portis crypto wallet for work, and all transactions will be made through transactions in it.

Auctionity 360 application

After completing the KYC procedure, the entrance to the open auction will be available. If the user wants to test the Auctionity 360 application, then they can use the demo version of the auction. On February 28, 2019, “The Art of Impossible” auction was made available, which can be tracked on the website in real time or through an application that is installed on the tablet, and not on a smartphone.

AY 360 app

In the Auctionity 360 application, users can see the lots available for trading and make bids through the “BID” button. The price of the paintings is presented in the ratio of the token to three fiat currencies: dollars, euros, and pounds. The details of the auction and works of art are available under the lots. Nothing more is available through the smartphone version of the Auctionity 360 application.

Auctionity 360 review

Auctionity 360: Review Summary

The concept of crypto auctions based on the blockchain is a progressive case that will expand the boundaries of art perception and make all trades open and reliable. But, so far, the Auctionity platform is designed only to work through the desktop version, and not a smartphone application. Probably, if the project developers are engaged in the further development of their mobile app, it will soon be possible to participate in and view auctions from around the world, as is done on the Auctionity website.