By miners and for miners

It is pretty clear that CoinFly is really made by miners and for miners: all the necessary functions are brought together, right at stock for the user at any given time. Everything needed for simple (and profitable!) mining is integrated into the system, and that is to be noted since the market has never had such a comprehensive solution before.

The CoinFly ecosystem consists of the online portal for centralized processes management, mining pool, hash power exchange, cryptocurrency exchange, and custom operating system — COS (Crypto Operating System), it is developed from scratch specifically for mining purposes. At the moment the beta version is fully operational, with the hash power and cryptocurrency exchange being finally tested now.

Data exchange between all the CoinFly ecosystem elements is performed at the fundamentally new level: it is an advanced two-way connection with the powerful capabilities of remote users hardware control. This will provide more efficient use resulting in increasing of income, reducing losses, and even in the opportunity to increase the hashrate.

Out of the box or fully custom

CoinFly’s exceptional feature is the ability of two use cases. Fine tuning is available for the experienced miners to fully control all the options of the mining process. Those who do not want to adjust the system settings themselves can use the auto mode: the intelligent system will customize the settings optimal for the specific hardware in a few clicks.

There is another highlight, as well: CoinFly will allow switching to the most profitable cryptocurrency at the moment automatically, basing on the stock exchange quotations and your equipment performance capabilities. Thereby, mining with CoinFly will get you the highest possible profit.

CoinFly co-founder Vladimir Shutemov describes:

"Crypto market has never seen such a comprehensive solution for mining yet. CoinFly has all the abilities and advanced settings the miner needs, and everything is transparent and clear".

Make both your CFO and CSO happy

The system’s accounting is a major boon to the users account department: it is available at any moment from anywhere globally, meets the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and is generated in any form for the users of any level, its transparency guaranteeing no losses.

Mining with CoinFly is absolutely safe and secure: the system meets the highest cybersecurity standards without storing the access keys. This is one more proof that miner won’t face losses during the mining process.

Where to test?

The public beta version of CoinFly is already available, you can get familiar with it on the official website. The community is active on the social media, as well, here is the full list:









CoinFly is the project of COSD LLC company, which is registered in the island of Cyprus. CoinFly’s international team has the highest expertise in the IT, financial, cryptocurrency and cybersecurity spheres. All rights reserved.