Cointelegraph is one of the leading independent media resources dedicated to crypto news. Perhaps, any person who has ever been interested in cryptocurrencies or wanted to find out what the distributed ledger technology is read one of the Cointelegraph articles. The well-known crypto media was founded in 2013 and today is part of the media holding Cointelegraph Media Group, which is occupying a leading position among competitors. The mission of the Cointelegraph is not only to share the latest news of the crypto market but also provide training materials on various crypto topics. The news media portal has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram, as well as its official application, which is available for free download in App Store and Google Play.


The official app of the leading crypto media

After downloading and entering the application, the user goes to the main news page, but this review will, first of all, analyze the functions in the “Settings” section. There, users can enable the notification of the latest news by selecting the option “BREAKING NEWS.” A useful feature for those who want to keep abreast of the latest news in the crypto market. In this section, users can also enable notifications about the daily market capitalization review by selecting the “DAILY MARKET RECAP” option.

The Cointelegraph application supports eight languages: Arabic, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Serbian. And five currencies: the ruble, U.S. dollar, euro, pound, and Japanese yen. In the application, users can also choose a convenient font size. One of the most convenient settings is the interface change. Dark mode looks nicer than standard light for many users. A guide is available in the “RESOURCES” section for novice users, where it is possible to subscribe to updates and exclusive offers that will be received by e-mail.

раздел «Settings» приложения Cointelegraph

The main page of the Cointelegraph application is “News,” where users can find the latest news, interviews, exciting stories, videos, and current rates of top cryptocurrencies. In the preview, which is under the headline news, are the release date of the article and the number of views. Going to the article page, the user can also listen to it in audio format, save it in bookmarks, send via message, e-mail, or instant messenger, and also find out how long it will take to read.

раздел «News» в приложении Cointelegraph

The next section of the Cointelegraph application is “Markets.” This section provides information on eight cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash. Here the user can get acquainted with the current price and its percentage change over the past 24 hours.

Раздел «Markets» в приложении Cointelegraph

Clicking on the name of any of the cryptocurrencies presented will open its profile with the price changes graph and with the highest and lowest price for a specified period of time, historical data, a detailed description of the coin, as well as information about the site and social networks and a selection of the latest news related to selected currency.

профиль биткоина в приложении Cointelegraph

The last section is “Saved,” in which the user can save interesting articles, news, videos, and interviews.

Cointelegraph: Review Summary

An excellent app for keeping abreast of the latest news from the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, it has a convenient and familiar interface for users who have been using for a long time. A useful feature is listening to the news in audio format. In the “Markets” section, prices are not updated as quickly as on CoinMarketCap. It is also worth noting that to return to the previous page, users must click on the “Back” button in the upper left corner, the swipe function is not provided. On big screens, it is not quite user-friendly.