Mikhail Mashchenko, an analyst of the CIS branch of eToro, the social network for investors, spoke about Bitcoin, EOS, and Stellar rates.

Despite the correction of prices of most major currencies and the preservation of the possibility of a second rollback of Bitcoin to the support level of $8,800, the positive trend formed in mid-April remains in force.

Having rallied the investors with its growth, Bitcoin rolled back to its values of the end of last week and is currently trying to grow. Rates remain above $8,400, the previous "swing high," and MACD stopped falling and is in the neutral zone. Apparently, the recent pullback was the reason for most traders to open new long positions and put stop losses for the recent low of $8,800 with targets of $10,000 and $10,500, so expect the correction to continue if BTCUSD drops below this mark. Supports from below are the levels of $8,400 and $7,700, where you can try to "catch" the coin with calculations for at least a short-term impulse.

EOS should be noted separately as its rates came close to the highs observed before the "great correction." The possibility of correction has seriously increased on these levels and day traders should think about partially closing positions and opening new ones with great caution as a coin is likely to give the opportunity to enter it at more attractive prices.

Over the recent days, Stellar distinguished itself, as its rates soared 17% after the ICO of MobileCoin, which raised $30 million on the platform. Now XLM is trading at $0.43, a mark that was previously observed at the end of February. The remaining coins from the top 10 are growing moderately, as is trading activity with market capitalization standing at $458.8 billion with a Bitcoin dominance of 36.2%, and a total trading volume of $27.8 billion.