Credits project is mostly known by its blockchain.

It was initially founded to develop the fastest and most decentralized blockchain, capable of delivering an outstanding speed of transaction with low fees and full decentralization. Credits MainNet was launched in 2019, an ecosystem allowing anyone working with protocol easily is also in place. It is proved to be one of the fastest and most decentralized blockchains. Transfers are made in less than 0,5 sec with commissions lower than USD 0,01. Compared to the Etherium today’s speed and high prices, it is an excellent alternative.

In 2020 Credits has announced that they are starting to build a fintech line, with a Digital Bank to become their main product in this range.

As the team says, Digital Bank is here to solve the pain of a client, who uses fiat and crypto in day-to-day life.

Digital Bank is an app, where you can link all your fiat cards as well as having a crypto account. It supports the following operation so far: buy, exchange, hold, and withdraw fiat and crypto.

So it allows you to arrange all your basic financial operations in one place.

The bank is aiming to resolve the difficulties of exchanging and withdrawal of crypto. Anyone who did this at least once will tell that it is a long and expensive process, requiring you to use several applications (exchange and withdrawal service). And even you are using one service for crypto, you do use a different service for your fiat banking.

Credits Digital Bank is simplifying and reducing the number of actions you normally do to exchange and withdraw crypto (login, exchange, pay high commission for withdrawal, which often comes with a long processing time!).

The same operation in Digital bank requires you to log in only once, make a couple of clicks on the monitor, watch how your transaction is completed in few seconds or less and the new balance is reflected, and then you are done. Most amazing is that this service is provided at a very low fee, with freemium and premium options to choose from.

There are companies out there offering similar services now, similar but not the same!

We believe that Credits fintech is one of the most promising on the market right now and it will get only better. It is now available for EU and UK citizens, and the new release of the app is expected in 1Q2021. So if you are in Europe, we advise you to try it, and if you are not in Europe we recommend putting this project on your watch list. Progress and technology are there.