As noted by the renowned financial analyst Joseph Young, an independent study of coding can serve as an alternative to expensive training in American colleges for many millennials. DeCenter has collected eight of the best free digital learning programs on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The “Introduction to Digital Currencies” Series

This educational program, presented in the framework of the blockchain initiative of the University of Nicosia, is perhaps one of the most popular free courses in the cryptographic market. The lecturers are well-known blockchain and cryptocurrency experts, such as Andreas Antonopoulos and Antonis Polemitis. The online program consists of 12 courses on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, various consensus protocols, the practical application of Bitcoin, and the approach of financial institutions toward digital assets. Special knowledge for the passage of the program is not required, so it is ideal for learning from scratch.

“Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” on Coursera

Coursera, founded by two computer science professors from Stanford University, is one of the most popular online education sites. The free course Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies was developed by the staff of Princeton University. The lecturers will help understand the basics of cryptography, give basic knowledge of programming, and introduce the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. It will take 18 hours to complete a full course at 4 hours a week, but it is not necessary to pass it entirely, as one can select only topics of interest.

Bitcoin Course at Draper University

The Draper University, founded by legendary investor and crypto entrepreneur Tim Draper, together with the ZapChain project team, launched an educational course dedicated to the first cryptocurrency. As part of this course, everyone will be able to learn the history of the creation and development of Bitcoin, as well as get access to a series of interviews with experts of the crypto industry. It takes 7 hours to complete the full course.

IBM Platform on Quick Code

The IT giant IBM offers a wide range of free educational courses on the Quick Code site, including cryptocurrency and blockchain. These courses will primarily be of interest to developers who would like to work with blockchain. The lecturers will talk about how to create an architecture and run private blockchain networks on IBM Bluemix, how smart contracts are arranged, what happens during digital asset transactions, and how to work with Fabric from the Hyperledger project. The duration varies depending on the subject of the selected course.

CoinDesk Educational Articles

CoinDesk, a well-known media outlet about the digital economy, has prepared more than forty lectures on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. In small informational articles, the publication explains how the system of distributed ledgers works, how to use it, who Satoshi Nakamoto is, how to buy cryptocurrencies, and much more. An excellent basic course for beginners.

Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto on Udemy

Another course of lectures on Bitcoin for beginners is presented on the Udemy online learning platform, in which, in addition to theory, one can get practical skills. As part of this course, one will learn not only how Bitcoin works but also how to make money on it. In addition, they will tell you how to safely mine and store cryptocurrencies, as well as help you join the crypto community. The lecturer, mathematician, and crypto evangelist Charles Hoskinson and the senior researcher at Udemy Brian Hess promise that after this course, everyone will be able to tell themselves what cryptocurrency is and why they are needed. A six-hour course will provide access to educational materials in video and audio format, as well as to 13 sources for downloading reading materials.

Cryptocurrency Trading Explained on Udemy

As part of this course, on the Udemy site, everyone will be able to gain basic knowledge of cryptocurrency trading. In particular, the syllabus covers how to register on crypto exchanges, what risks novice traders may face, as well as how to ensure the security of their own funds. Moreover, the creators of the Cryptocurrency Trading Explained course ranked the best trading platforms for beginners and explained how to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrencies and withdraw the profit, and how to distinguish successful token sales from those that will cause losses. It takes an hour and a half to complete the course.

Coinbase Earn Educational Platform

The American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will provide an opportunity not only to gain knowledge but also make some crypto. On December 19, the Coinbase Earn educational platform was launched, where users can earn ZRX tokens for completing webinars on cryptocurrency topics. The basis of this platform is the Bitcoin startup, which allowed users to gain cryptocurrency for performing various tasks, for example, participating in a marketing survey or responding to emails. Now, there are three video lectures on the new platform about tokens and the 0x protocol, but in the near future, it will include courses on Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies in the market.