Crypto Price Tracker is a cryptocurrency price monitoring application that helps users track real-time price changes of digital assets. The tracker app was created by Harshita Arora from India. At the end of 2017, when Crypto Price Tracker ranked second among popular financial applications, Arora was 16 years old.

Crypto Price Tracker

Cryptocurrency price tracking application

Today, Crypto Price Tracker is popular largely due to the identity of the developer. A note about Harshita Arora, who started programming “quite late” at 13 years old, is published in the App Store. At this point, Arora found out about cryptocurrencies through Facebook and decided to design an application that would signal a change in the value of most digital assets.

заметка о Харшите Ароре в AppStore

After graduating from high school in 2016, Harshita Arora began studying the Swift programming language in Bangalore and then got an internship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). After that, she released the Crypto Price Tracker application.

Crypto Price Tracker has a black-and-golden minimalistic design and intuitive controls. The application does not require registration, users only need to download the program and configure it for their own interests.

курсы криптовалют в приложении Crypto Price Tracker

The starting page is a section with exchanges and currencies. The coins are shown on the left (initially, it was planned to support about 1,000 assets), and their value in fiat equivalent is shown on the right (any currency can be chosen).

In the “Favorites” section, a user can add the assets that are of most interest. To do this, they have to select the exchange, the coin, and the currency.

выбор криптовалюты в приложении Crypto Price Tracker

When users click on a cryptocurrency, for example, Bitcoin, the Crypto Price Tracker application displays the current value of the asset and its graph for a certain period. Below users can read news related to the coin.

текущая стоимость биткоина в приложении Crypto Price Tracker

The current displayed value of Bitcoin in our testing differed from the price shown on the chart. The graphic line showed a more accurate BTC price, about $4,000 on March 19, 2019, while the “the current price” in the table was about $3,600. In addition, a point with a straight line on a chart, which is designed to display time and present value, moves very slowly and constantly freezes. At 11:20 AM (Moscow time), we only managed to see the price as of 11:10 AM.

отслеживание стоимости биткоина в приложении Crypto Price Tracker

Users can set alerts about the volatility of the asset price that will signal a change in the market situation. The application sends push notifications at a specifically set time.

настройка уведомлений в приложении Crypto Price Tracker

The Crypto Price Tracker application also has the ability to customize the user portfolio. When buying an asset, users need to input data, and the application will automatically calculate profit or loss.

настройка портфолио в приложении Crypto Price Tracker

In the settings, there is an opportunity to familiarize with the Crypto Price Tracker application, change the language, default currency, contact the developer Harshita Arora via email, and rate the program.

настройки в приложении Crypto Price Tracker

Crypto Price Tracker: Review Summary

The Crypto Price Tracker application is currently slow, freezes regularly, and displays the non-concurrent value of digital assets with the existing graph. In the comments under the program, users note that the tracker does not work on the iPhone XS Max. But the program has a simple and convenient interface. The responsiveness of the developer Harshita Arora attracts users who leave comments in the App Store and want to help with the improvement of the application. And, probably, after some troubleshooting, Crypto Price Tracker will regain its leading position in downloads and popularity.