Life would have been easier if everyone knew when to buy and sell their assets. But while the ideal scheme of universal welfare has not yet been invented, traders periodically turn to the “wisdom of the ancestors” in attempts at guessing the movement of the exchange rate. The “wisdom” has migrated to today’s exchange market in the form of sayings and superstitions. DeCenter will try to figure out which of them migrated from Wall Street to the crypto market, whether it is worth trading during the full moon, and how Bitcoin can be useful for Human Design.

Superstitions from Wall Street

These are some of the expressions that are known to traders in the traditional securities market: “The trend is your friend” (with the continuation “until the end when it bends”), “Higher risk returns a higher reward,” “Triple witching hour is the last hour of the stock market trading session.”

Turney Duff, a former Wall Street trader and now a CNBC contributor and consultant to the Billions TV series, says some of these superstitions tend to come true. One of the beliefs claims that “Sell on Rosh Hashanah and buy on Yom Kippur” (the Jewish New Year and the Day of Absolution, respectively). These holidays fall every year on different days of September and October. According to Duff, this principle works more often than not.

Another expression “Buy on the cannons, sell on the trumpets” is an appeal to the beginning and end of the war (the sounds of the guns and the trumpets). Duff explains that this belief too often comes true because fear in the market increases at the beginning of a war and fades closer to its end.

“Big buildings = big selloffs.” Duff cites the example of the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building, which were built right on the eve of the Great Depression, as well as the Sears Tower skyscraper (now called Willis Tower) and the Malaysian Petronas Towers, the construction of which was accompanied by a fall in the securities market.

Tips from Redditors

The crypto market borrows some superstition from the traditional stock market but mostly generates its own. While Bitcoin has not been able to achieve sustainable growth for more than a year, the crypto community is trying to develop a course through its own efforts, checking portfolios less often and using garlic.

“New superstition I developed: Every time I check Blockfolio [a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking application], I increase the chances of driving the prices down!” as a user of Reddit writes under the nickname wut_chill_bra. “Say what you will about the price right now if it is or isn’t me. I’m just saying this superstition naturally developed and I noticed it recently.”

“Every time I buy into a coin doing really well, it starts to go down. I must be cursed or something,” wrote another user.

“The trick is to pack your armpits full of garlic before you check Blockfolio. If you do that correctly, all you’ll see is green...” advises the user monkey_in_the_bushes.

The trading belief that states (and which came from the traditional stock market) says that the moon is a good sign for the markets, and the full moon is a terrible one.

Power in Astrology

If for some, such everyday wisdom is enough, then other crypto enthusiasts go further and study astrological calculations. “Millionaires don’t use astrology, but billionaires sure do,” as a reader wrote on under the material about an astrological prediction of the price of Bitcoin.

In November 2017, the astrologer Ekaterina Vasyanova predicted that the price of Bitcoin would fall after February 2018, and gave other forecasts about the development of the industry until 2020.

“A system based on astrology cannot predict a certain price of a currency. But it can give an accurate forecast of its dynamics over a certain period,” says Vasyanova.

The date of registration of the domain was taken as a starting point on August 18, 2008, 1:19:55 PM UTC. Some commentators were only embarrassed by this, as they noticed that an incorrect reference date was taken since the starting date for Bitcoin is considered to be the launch date of the genesis block on January 3, 2009. And they even asked for an astrological forecast based on this date. Other readers noted that the prediction still largely coincided with reality.

There were “non-believers” who were ironic about the crypto predictions: “The toilet water that I used as a reference to predict Bitcoin shows an act of a downward spiral down into the drainage pipe. Bitcoin went the same fate. Of course, my revelation showed a demise of Bitcoin. But, clearly as of this second, the value is still there for Bitcoin. So, take my prophecy with three pinches of salt,” as a user wrote under the nickname TechnoSparks.

If You Are a Crypto Astrologer…

…or desperate to unravel the market with the help of fundamental and technical analysis and are looking for trading strategies on a star map, then it’s time to delve into Vasyanova’s predictions.

She writes that the domain was registered around the eclipse corridor, which in 2008 was dated February 1–16. Astrologers believe that the innovations created during this period have an impact on the next 18 years. Other astrological data for Bitcoin comes from the northern node in the Aquarius (means migration into the sphere of common interests, interests of groups and communities), the southern node is in Leo (the end of sole power, the power of the elite), the connection of the northern node with Neptune (secrecy, mysterious nature of what is happening, but created in the interests of people, not for personal gain), connection of the northern node with Chiron (great opportunities, new doors are opening), the stellium of planets, or a cluster of three or more planets in Aquarius (indicates the possibility of a “Russian trace” in the history of Bitcoin since Russia is under the control of Aquarius, and the last three degrees of this sign are called the “Russian field.” According to astrologers, this may mean that Bitcoin was inspired by Russia), and also Virgo is in the Bitcoin horoscope, under whose protection are Switzerland and Japan (astrologers believe that this may indicate that Bitcoin was created in Switzerland or Japan).

Another technique that Vasyanova uses is “the combination of astrology with quantum physics.” The method is based on the solar return method, which shows the dynamics of the object during the year. Solar returns are activated approximately 88 days before a specific event. For Bitcoin, they are enabled on August 18 of 2017, 2018 and 2019. Astrologers have prepared composites (horoscope connections) of Bitcoin for 2017, 2018, and 2019, and came to the following conclusions:


Схема анализа биткоина на основе солнечных возвращений с 19.08.2017 по 19.08.2018
Bitcoin analysis scheme based on solar returns from August 19, 2017, through August 19, 2018. Source.

“The abuse of Bitcoin as a financial instrument will lead to a restriction, imposed on the system by states, financial or regulatory bodies that is likely to lead to a fall in the value of the token. The force of the fall is unclear, but growth should stop,” as astrologers predicted about March–May 2018.


Bitcoin analysis scheme based on solar returns in the period from August 19, 2018, to August 19, 2019. Source.

“The entire life cycle of Bitcoin since May 18, 2018, to May 18, 2019, will pass under the badge of strengthening limitations for the system and community efforts to overcome them. In the achievement of their goals, Bitcoin will be uncompromising and stubborn, until the attempt to dictate the conditions to the limiting organizations. Bitcoin will have all the necessary qualities to survive in this struggle. There will be a need for new rules of the game, and on the basis of the past experience analysis, people will find a new solution or new formats of cryptocurrency existence. The whole year the system participants will experience the strongest fear for their Bitcoins,” as the astrologers comment this period.

2019 to 2020

Bitcoin analysis scheme based on solar returns in the period from August 19, 2019, to August 19, 2020. Source.

“During 2019 period, the system will enter a steady rhythm — it can grow or just keep the achieved level. The Bitcoin community will be relentless and attempt to dictate the rules of the financial system. The development direction will be adjusted in regard to past experience. More people will use Bitcoin, which will increase the capitalization of the entire system,” as the astrologers say.

Prediction of successful, unsuccessful, and neutral periods for the crypto market from the astrologer. Source.

Signs All Around

Some community members do not need to turn to the heavenly bodies to see the signs. The mystical wave hit Twitter in June last year when the hashtag #00000000000000000021e800c1e8df51b22c1588e5a624bea17e9faa34b2dc4a (or short #21e8) began to appear on the social network. This is a hash of a Bitcoin block that was mined on June 19, 2018. The block’s coinbase data, which can contain encrypted messages, does not contain anything mystical—only the name of the pool that mined the block, BTC.TOP.

But users have long been fascinated by the mysterious sequence of numbers in the hash: 21e8. The simple reasoning was that 21 is the number of total Bitcoin supply (in millions), and 21 million is an 8-digit number (e8). Others saw a connection with the E8 theory in physics.

And, of course, some members of the community saw this as a sign from Satoshi himself. In particular, there were suggestions that Satoshi could have created a predetermined hash and put it into a Bitcoin blockchain so that it would be discovered later.

Others pointed out that finding such a hash would take forever or require computational power subject only to (not yet invented) quantum computers. And this is when the most exciting calculations started.

“To create this hash, you need several magnitudes higher level of computation than exists in the entire world,” “If someone did it on purpose, it would need an incredible processing power, quantum computer tier,” wrote crypto enthusiast Roy Blackstone.

In the same thread, Roy Blackstone gives “current explanations”:

– someone was very lucky (I mean astronomically lucky)

– Satoshi is a time traveler

– someone has unlocked quantum computing

– someone broke the SHA-256 algo

– aliens

The #21e8 fever launched many into a parallel reality, where time travelers exist along with quantum computing, and where Satoshi himself is a time traveler who returned from the future to mine this block on his quantum computer. “You can’t fake math, or probabilities. It could have been random chance. But if it’s not, the only reasonable possibilities are that a functioning quantum computer exists, or time travel works,” wrote the developer under the name @yungdeleuze.

The Satoshi Shrine

Such an interactive installation appeared last year at the Ethereal Summit NYC. Its creators are the art collective Vapor Ants. The object symbolizes almost religious fanaticism, which is sometimes characteristic of crypto evangelists. There were flowers, candles, and Japanese cats at the improvised sanctuary, all considered to be a symbol of good luck.

The Satoshi Shrine. Source.

Anyone could kneel before the sanctuary and write their message to Satoshi on the screen. Then the text was converted into a private key, which, by design, could accidentally turn out to be true and unlock Satoshi’s riches.

Back to Earth

Metaphysical searches are excusable for young romantic traders. But experienced traders advise not getting involved in the search for signs and higher meanings.

“After 40 years of trading and research for a formula, regularity, rule, I found that:

1) Phantasy of men is so overwhelming that he will always find a principle, a regularity, a law in everything.

2) There is nothing, just a pure coincidence and manipulations of whales. Both random, irregular. Look at random numbers and compare them with a price chart. It is the same.

3) All life is a coincidence, but most people cannot accept it. They will never stop to predict, combine, build associations where in reality is nothing but fate.

It is simply stupid to use astrology or/and any science for any forecast.

Learn to accept uncertainty, random phenomenons. React very quickly, at the same second as you think that something will happen. Never wait for a reason, it will come later.

Your stomach makes a much better decision than your head. Sapienti sat,” as wrote a user nicknamed Albert under the astrological forecast of the price of Bitcoin.