Delta is a free application for tracking crypto asset rates in real time, where users can access market charts, information on price changes for selected assets, the latest news in the crypto market, and the status of the crypto investment portfolio. In this connection, one of the main functions of the application is monitoring the user’s crypto portfolio, which presents a detailed summary of its balance sheet, income, and loss for different periods and general condition. The application is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play.


Crypto portfolio tracker

Immediately after launch, the Delta application offers a subscription to the PRO version, which is available for free for seven days (an annual subscription costs about $80). Among the advantages of Delta Pro, the developers note:

 Unlimited connection to users’ accounts on exchanges and wallets: in the free version, the user can only connect to two exchanges and has two wallets to choose from;

 In the paid version, prices will be updated automatically, while in the free version, this function is activated when scrolling from top to bottom;

 The ability to synchronize up to five devices;

 Exclusive night mode, which is not available in the free version.

стартовая страница при запуске приложения Delta

Let us start the review with the most important section, which displays the user’s crypto investment portfolio. To create a portfolio, users must either enter transactions manually or synchronize the application with an account on the exchange or a crypto wallet through a QR code. Coin information displayed on the main screen includes:



 Current price;

 Price change (as a percentage for the selected time period: 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or all time).

The list can be sorted:


 By maximum/minimum deposits;

 Maximum/minimum capitalization;

 Maximum/minimum price;


портфель пользователя трекера Delta

When users select any of the coins, the General page opens, where users can see the price change for a certain period on the chart and get acquainted with the detailed description of the coin: its market capitalization, trading volume per day, the lowest and highest price in 24 hours, and the amount in circulation. Also in this tab, users can watch the latest news about the coin. There are three more tabs in the coin menu: transactions, alerts, and orders.

страница с описанием монеты в приложении Delta

To add coins to the portfolio, click on +, find a coin by name, select the exchange where the purchase was made, specify the trading pair, the purchase price, the purchase amount, the date and time. In the advanced settings, users can subtract the amount from the BTC and the exchange fee. In this section, users can also sell and transfer coins.

функции купить/продать/перевести монету в трекере Delta

If on the main profile page, users click on the small chart located at the top right, the portfolio statistics will be available: current balance, balance change, the highest price of the portfolio, the lowest price of the portfolio, and the graph where users can see in which month how much money their crypto assets were worth. Users can also view the share of each coin in the portfolio, the most used exchanges, and transaction history. PRO mode also provides information by the commission, successful/unsuccessful decisions, and investments in ICO.

статистика портфеля пользователя в приложении Delta

The following sections are “Markets” and “Watchlist.” In the “Markets” section, users can see the market capitalization, the trading volume in 24 hours, and the Bitcoin dominance index. If users select any of the coins in this section, detailed information about it will appear, as well as on the page with the coins in the portfolio. In the “Watchlist,” users can add interesting coins and keep track of them.

страницы «Markets» и «Watchlist» в трекере Delta

In the “News & Direct” section, the user can get acquainted with the latest news of the crypto market sorted by the following parameters:

 Subscriptions (there is an opportunity to subscribe to the currency of interest and follow it);



 Coins with the highest capitalization.

In this case, by using the “Direct” function, users can set up alerts for receiving news on the desired crypto theme.

страница «News & Direct» в приложении Delta

The “Settings” section presents the following set of functions:

 Language (15 languages);

 Currency settings (43 currencies), as well as setting the currency of the portfolio;

 Setting alerts;

 Setting the type of graphics (linear or candlestick), setting the mode (dark, light, and night for the owners of the PRO mode);

 Enable passcode protection or login via Face ID;

 Connect a crypto wallet;

 Q&A about connecting wallets;

 Transfer data to another device;

 Sync data (users can synchronize their data between two different devices);

 Set the date;

 See the Delta community accounts on social networks;

 All information about Delta.

настройки в приложении Delta

Delta: Review Summary

The Delta tracker is rightfully considered one of the best applications for tracking a portfolio of crypto assets, being, perhaps, the main competitor of Blockfolio. There were no difficulties during testing, and the app has a good design, user-friendly interface, and synchronization with exchanges and wallets via a QR code. Transactions and balances are displayed exactly as they should be.