DLive is a popular video streaming application, the essence of which is to provide a platform for organizing multimedia broadcasts. Unlike similar streaming platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, DLive is based on the Lino blockchain, where data is stored, and content is monetized.

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Video streaming application

Content is monetized on the DLive platform using LINO tokens. One LINO coin is charged for network registration. After downloading the application from App Store or Google Play, the start page immediately opens with various broadcasts that take place in real time at the time of access into the DLive program.

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DLive presents numerous categories of streaming. In particular, the eSports direction is divided into various games: Dota2, Counter-Strike, GTA, World of Warships, and others. Users can also watch music, news, and other broadcasts. Users can join any live stream as a spectator without registration. Just click on the video of interest, and the video will start automatically.

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To receive rewards in the form of LINO tokens in the DLive application, users need to register by entering an e-mail address and password or log in to the DLive network via Lino, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch. After that, users need to come up with a nickname of Latin letters and numbers and verify by choosing a picture, as is done with increased traffic in Google search engine.

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The “Profile” section provides information about the user. Subscribers, data settings are shown here, it is possible to purchase LINO tokens if the user wants to join the process immediately, become a network validator, and improve his rating (a tick confirming the account appears next to the user’s nickname). Subsequently, other users will be able to register for a paid subscription to this platform member (one month costs 298 LINO), thus expressing their gratitude for the video streams.

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LINO tokens can be earned with subscriptions to users at a ratio of 1 LINO for ten followers. After a week of broadcasting, the content bonus is charged. It depends on the number of views and the popularity of the people who made donations for the broadcasting stream. The platform also automatically evaluates the stream on the total demand among users compared to other streams for the same period. As representatives of DLive say, 80% of all streamers receive a bonus for content, which is more than 50% of their income.

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To quickly find and view their favorite streamers, users can use a magnifying glass and enter user data, or go to the “Following” section. Most of the popular streamers (most often, cyber athletes) of the DLive platform block their LINO tokens and become network validators. After that, users can participate in the management of the platform, assist in product development, make management decisions, and open premium services in DLive. For example, users can vote in daily questionnaires related to the network and receive rewards for this participation (paid from 9.9% of all daily gifts and paid subscriptions).

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DLive: Review Summary

The DLive application of the video streaming platform, which is based on the Lino blockchain, did not freeze at the time of testing the network, it quickly loaded all the videos, promptly sent comments, and LINO tokens were automatically credited according to the regulations set by DLive. The graphics execution of the application did not raise any issues, and the content was reproduced in high quality. The architecture of the program itself is built in a convenient way that allows users to manage broadcasts on an intuitive level. Thanks to the tokenization of content, users can earn money on streaming.