EOS Knights is the first blockchain game (apart from casinos), which was organized on the EOS platform immediately after the launch of the main network. The creators, Seongmin Woo and MJ-Raindays, have thoroughly approached the development of the project, which is probably why more than 5,000 users from all over the world play EOS Knights on PC and iOS and Android smartphones.

EOS Knights
EOS Knights

The First EOS-Powered Blockchain Game

To start the game, users must have an EOS wallet and an account. The artistic idea of ​​the blockchain game, which belongs to the Idle game genre, is to protect a village from orcs that are constantly attacking locals. Three heroes can resist the goblins: a knight, an archer, and a mage.

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The user plays on the side of these positive characters and equips one of them. The battles between good gamers as their digital representatives and the evil orcs can continue for a very long time. The goblins win all of the fights because at a particular moment they multiply, when the knight’s, archer’s, or mage’s abilities end.

In this unequal duel, the goodies die. The gamer’s task is to create new characters: a knight, an archer, or a mage for a new battle. It turns out that the user participates only in the formation of their fighter with the help of new ingredients, which are obtained in EOS Knights as a reward, and the rest of the fatality occurs by default. It is impossible to complete the game because it has no logical conclusion; the main thing is to level up the character and fight again.

The innovation of a seemingly boring game is the use of blockchain, which lies at the heart of EOS Knights. It changes the popular free-to-play game genre into elements with the randomly paid discovery of any ingredients that serve to better level up the characters. To get a stronger character, users need to fight a lot of orcs. In the classic version, for a quick level up, a mage, archer, or knight would demand money to buy better armor and become strong.

In the case of EOS Knights, the extracted ingredients that are issued for a large number of long battles can be sold to other users for the cryptocurrency of the game, EOS. It turns out that all the materials and items created by players have financial value, and players are the rightful owners of these components.

EOS Knights users sell one another unnecessary ingredients for liquid EOS tokens, thereby earning and then leveling up their characters. A set of three heroes will cost 0.7 EOS, or about $2.5. These coins can be transferred to a cryptocurrency exchange and then converted into other digital assets or fiat. The developers charge a small commission and make a profit for each transaction carried out within the gaming platform.

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EOS Knights: Review Summary

According to the reviews of many gamers who have already tested this blockchain game, it is possible to touch the world of digital assets through EOS Knights and move on to a new level of interaction between developers and users and set up payouts for winning with the help of liquid tokens, not classic money.