EOS Lynx is the first wallet application that was created on the EOS platform. As of today, the program is one of the most popular among all of the alternatives available for download. The application itself allows users to keep all their tokens in one storage on the platform and send them to the balances of games, exchanges, and other devices on EOS. We downloaded it and found out how EOS Lynx works.

EOS Lynx
EOS Lynx

The first crypto wallet on EOS

As the application developers claim, EOS Lynx is designed for everyday use and is available for installation on iOS and Android. The program is free to download, but for creating an account, users must pay $1.15, which is debited from the card attached to the store. The issue of paid registration is not specified in the application description, so this factor can mislead the user.

EOS Lynx review

Registration on EOS Lynx passes quickly after payment. Users need to come up with an account name of 12 Latin letters and numbers from 1 to 5. After this, the application automatically generates a private key, which will be needed in case of recovery of wallet data. As a rule, such a random set of characters must be written down somewhere safe and protected from prying eyes.

After copying the private key, the Wallet opens the EOS Lynx start page. Here users can see the total balance of all available tokens. Below is a set of coins that are necessary for the user. EOS and LYNX tokens, or the wallet’s coin, are installed by default. After the registration, 0.0100 EOS or $0.04 is credited to user balance.

EOS Lynx wallet

If necessary, the tokens can be added and removed from the main page of the application. For example, we added the BET game coin, which is used on the EOSBet gambling platform, known for tokenized cards. In total, about 200 tokens are supported.

EOS Lynx wallet review

The EOS Lynx application shows not only completed transactions but also information about them if users click on a specific coin. This is convenient for getting acquainted with the token. The Send and Receive buttons are also in this section, using which users can send coins and receive them by scanning a QR code.

EOS Lynx app

In the Explore section, users can familiarize themselves with the current applications that are released on EOS and cooperate with the EOS Lynx wallet. The programs are divided into categories “Business,” “Games,” “Trading,” “Utilities,” and “Other.”

EOS Lynx app review

The EOS Lynx application offers users to invite friends to download the program through a shared link. It is possible to get 25 LYNX internal coins of the wallet for each new account that will be created with the help of the user. We did not see any additional use of LYNX tokens on the platform.

In the “More” section there are account resynchronization buttons. Help, when clicked, shows a sample of an email letter, which contains the wallet version, the phone model and its software, and the user account, as well as awards and opinions about the EOS Lynx app itself.

EOS Lynx: Review Summary

The EOS Lynx wallet will be useful for users who use other applications of the EOS platform and transfer tokens to their balance. In general, the use of the program is intuitive. But users need to pay for creating a new account, and this is not indicated in the application itself, so users may become disillusioned with the service and refuse to follow up with EOS Lynx because there are many free wallets that do not differ much in their functionality.