Geon is a blockchain-based decentralized mobile application that was launched by the Geon.Network project team last October. Geon allows users to earn a cryptocurrency called Geon Coin for visiting various locations, or Geons. The application uses the technology of augmented reality (AR) to search and visualize the location of the coins, which in many ways resembles the pokemon hunt in the popular AR game Pokemon Go. Geon is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Geon App

Application with geolocation function

According to the head of Geon.Network Robert Radek, the Geon application—which includes geolocation, AR, a blockchain platform, and a crypto wallet—opens up many opportunities for representatives of the gaming and charity industries, as well as retail participants. Users can not only collect Geon Coins in 1.5 million locations around the world but also independently create their own Geons. At the same time, Geon Coins can be put in location or spent in the app’s store for Steam gift cards and games, Netflix vouchers, and PayPal cash transfers, among other options.

приложение Geon App

To register with the Geon app, users must enter their phone number and e-mail address. Choosing to “Continue,” the user automatically agrees to the terms of use and privacy policy of Geon.

регистрация в приложении Geon App

To confirm the registration, a six-digit code will be sent to the specified number, which the user will need to enter within one minute.

код-подтверждение в приложении Geon App

Next, Geon will ask for permission to use the geodata of the user’s smartphone. This will allow the application to download a Google map with Geon locations closest to the user.

Geons-локации в приложении Geon

Through their profile, the icon of which is in the upper left corner, the user will get access to:

 Geons — visited, created, and selected locations;

 Referral Program — a referral program that provides a 25% discount in the Geon store for each new user who has downloaded the application through a special link;

 Settings — settings where the user can fill in personal data or enable the “Anonymous” option, which will allow for the anonymous use of the application;

 Sign Out — exit Geon;

 Share App — an option to tell someone about the app;

 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — access to the social network accounts of the user.

профиль пользователя приложения Geon

Access to the Store, or the app’s store, where the user can spend their Geon Coins on offers from partners, is located in the menu at the bottom of the screen. In addition to purchasing various goods and services from Steam, Netflix, PayPal, Salve apartments, and Bart’s barbershop, users can buy crypto vouchers for the purchase of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, 0x, and Dash. Also here, the user can apply a 25% discount obtained in the framework of the referral program.

магазин Store в приложения Geon

In the Geon application, there is a ranking system, which rewards users every month who have collected the largest amount of Geon Coins or become the creators of the most popular Geons locations.

ранговая система приложения Geon

In the “Wallet” section, users can manage their crypto wallet that stores the Geon Coins.

крипто-кошелек Wallet пользователя приложения Geon

Geon: Review Summary

The Geon.Network’s decentralized Geon application is convenient to use because it is equipped with an intuitive system for navigating application options. Moreover, in Geon, users can not only earn cryptocurrencies for visiting interesting places but also promote their own locations, which may include shops, restaurants, gardens, and much more. Only a phone number and an e-mail address are needed for the registration, but this could also be a threat of potential hacking. Also, according to some users, at the moment, there are not as many locations in the application as they would have liked. But the developers promise that in the near future, about 1 million Geons will be added, and their number will constantly increase due to user activity.