It is common to make gifts on New Year’s Day. And if you are one of those people who not only make presents to their family but also help charity organizations and understand why it's important, the text is for you. Here are seven non-profit foundations, which are engaged in this important business. The main thing is that they all accept bitcoins.

"Gift of Life"

Foundation "Gift of life" established by Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova helps children with oncohematologic and other serious illnesses. The money is spent on treatment and rehabilitation of children, support of oncological and hematological clinics, promotion of voluntary blood donors and psychosocial help to sick children. What is essential is that bitcoin donations can only be made through partnership fund Podari.Life in the United States.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Electronic Frontier Foundation works to protect civil liberties in the digital world and the Internet, privacy, and freedom of expression on the Internet. Donations will be spent on research, litigation relating to freedom in the Internet, software development. In addition to donations, the EFF earns by selling exciting merchandise, like t-shirts and baseball caps.


Wikileaks is a project of Julian Assange, managed by an international team of journalists. They publish insider information about different governments and state companies. It was WikiLeaks that posted 779 secret files concerning prisoners in the detention camp at Guantanamo Bay in April 2011. It was revealed that the majority of them were not guilty. is an anti-military organization, aimed at ending the war and establishing peace. The representatives promote pacifism and antimilitarism; hold rallies, demonstrations, and boycotts; and offer to evade conscription. You can donate bitcoins on their website.

Water Project

Water Project is a charity organization, which solves the water shortage problem in Eastern Africa. Water scarcity is closely linked with the problem of starvation: in 2011, the famine caused by drought resulted in the death of 50,000–100,000 people. It is just one of the latest humanitarian catastrophes. Besides, most Africans spend almost the whole working day on water search. Your donation will help relieve that burden.

Code to Inspire

Code to Inspire creates schools for women in Afghanistan, who want to receive education in the field of software and online business. They have opened already the first school in the Afghan Herat, where about 50 women are receiving education on a daily basis. More than a hundred of them successfully graduated and received diplomas. The organization is continually expanding, that is why it needs financial assistance.

The Wikimedia Foundation

It collects donations for the free dissemination of multilingual educational content. Part of the funds is spent on maintaining the most famous online-encyclopedia in the world, Wikipedia.