Health Wizz is a decentralized application for the aggregation and preservation of data related to human health. The program allows the user to monitor the physical condition, find the nearest hospitals, pharmacies, and even take part in research. In a global sense, the Health Wizz project plans to collect patient information in one place: on the blockchain. The data will be available only to the patient and their doctor. And no one else.

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Health Wizz App

An app for tracking physical condition and health

In 2017, according to Health Wizz executive director Raj Sharma, statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services showed that over 250 violations were found in the patient information security system. This put at risk data loss of about 4.4 million people.

Modern medicine should exclude intermediaries who may have access to a hospital’s database. Otherwise, in case of information leakage, unscrupulous distributors and representatives of companies that produce drugs will use it for their own selfish business purposes.

Therefore, the transfer of medical data into one common digital repository on the blockchain is what government social services and private medical companies should strive for, according to Health Wizz. The project has created applications for iOS and Android that will help systematize the information and ensure that the patient always has their medical record at hand and can receive rewards in the form of OMP tokens for the information provided.

вход в приложение Health Wizz

To register with the Health Wizz app, users need to enter an email; create a password; specify the date of birth, gender, place of residence, and ZIP code; select the application language (English or Spanish); and accept the data retention and processing policy that is presented in two documents. After that, the start page will open.

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On the top left, next to the username, there is a section where users need to record daily information about their condition, diet, exercise, smoking (if they smoke), number of hours of sleep, blood pressure, and heartbeat. A green rating will be awarded (measured in points) for positive parameters (exercise, healthy food, sound sleep). Points are taken away for non-compliance with the regime, and the indicators themselves turn red. Yellow points are awarded for “average” indicators, the level of which can neither harm nor improve health.

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In the Med Records section, users can find and add a clinic, a genetic laboratory, a pharmacy, input data using a photo, connect additional devices—smartphone apps and devices like smartwatches. For that, bonus points are also awarded.

медицинские данные в приложении Health Wizz

But the Med Records feature is designed for residents of the United States, as when searching, despite displaying the map of Russia and a particular city, American doctors, pharmacy representatives, and U.S. labs are shown, including LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, 23andMe, and The only thing we managed to do was find the nearest hospital and pharmacy on the map.

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The My Circles section contains user communities. They include data on interests or social circle. Users can create a community “My Family,” save all the medical records of their relatives, and monitor their condition. Communities are private and accessible only to members of these groups. Users can see the performance of others and thus, for example, motivate themselves to improve their health.

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OMP tokens, or OmPoints, can be bought at $25 per 250 units. 1 OMP is transferred for each data filling during the day. The coins can be transferred to another user or spent on certificates from Starbucks at $5, or Amazon at $50.

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Health Wizz: Review Summary

The Health Wizz app is suitable for users who want to monitor their health indicators daily and record their physical condition. It also allows users to track the health of relatives and friends if they install the application. Compared with centralized counterparts, which also record activity, nutrition, sleep, etc., Health Wizz will ensure data integrity and will not allow information leakage. Only U.S. residents, however, will be able to use all the functions of the program.