This guide by DeCenter details how Bithumb Global—a user-friendly and reliable digital asset trading platform—is arranged. This article provides step-by-step instructions for signing up, topping up account balance, and getting started with trading.

To register on the Bithumb Global cryptocurrency exchange, you must specify Email, paste Verification Code that will be sent to your address, and set Password. Also at this stage you can find Invitation Code which will be auto-filled if you use this referral link. You must also agree to Bithumb Global Agreement, which will allow you to Create Account.

Upon signing up, the user gets to their profile page, where the exchange offers to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). We recommend using this option as it will increase the level of account security. Bithumb Global is using Google Authenticator app, so you will need to install it on your device from Google Play or App Store. You can also opt to receive codes via SMS.

Through 2FA, you will be confirming not only logging in to your account, but also withdrawing funds and changing settings. Once you’ve signed up, you can also configure:

 Anti-Phishing Code. After setting, each official e-mail from Bithumb Global will have this code inside. This will help ensure that it has been sent by the exchange indeed.

 Fund Password. This one is used to protect assets and transactions, make sure to save it somewhere safe.

 Subscription Management. Push notifications through e-mail, SMS, and other channels. You can enable or disable them at any time.

Here you can also link your account from the parent exchange, Bithumb (if you have one, of course).

To start trading, you must set Fund Password. It is used to confirm receipt and transfer of tokens to the buyer during the transaction. Just enter it in the corresponding field and paste Confirmation and 2FA codes.

By default, the level of account verification is set to 1, which means withdrawals are limited to 5 BTC per day. A Level 2 account has a limit of 100 BTC, and to activate it, you must undergo the KYC procedure, indicating:

 Country and Region

 ID Number

 Type of ID

 Full Name


 Date of Birth

Photos of identification documents must be in high resolution, 2 MB max (.png, .jpg, and .jpeg extensions are supported).

If user’s volume exceeds 100 BTC, the system will switch account to level 3, which will also increase withdrawal limits.

You can top up your account balance by depositing the cryptocurrency that you are going to use. To do this, select Deposit from the dropdown menu in the upper right corner.

Let’s look at how you can add funds using the example of BIP. After choosing a coin, you get Deposit Address to which you will have to send your coins. You can copy the address or use the QR code and then transfer coins from another exchange or crypto wallet—for example, from BIP Wallet.

In the red-highlighted block right below Deposit Address, you can find some important information such as minimum deposit amount or approximate waiting time.

The process of withdrawing funds is very much similar. You must:

 Choose a coin

 In the Withdrawal Address field, add the wallet to which funds should be sent

 Specify withdrawal amount

 Enter Fund Password

 Enter 2FA Code

Please note that the platform charges a withdrawal fee. The amount is fixed (1 BIP) and is displayed on the page.

With funds on your balance, you can start trading. First, go to Spot section. There are two versions, basic and advanced, and the difference between them lies in functionality.

In the Basic Version, you will find:

 Last Price

 24-Hour Trading Volume

 Real-Time Chart

 Order Book

 Order History

In the Advanced Version, traders have many more additional trading tools, for example, key indicators and charts for various timeframes—from one minute to one week. Moreover, the right menu contains a list of tools for working with charts, including Crosshair, Trend Lines, Object Tree, Pitchfork, and XABCD Template, among others.

Bithumb Global also provides leverage for BTC and ETH paired with USDT; however, we strongly advise against using this margin trading function unless you are a professional trader.

To Sum Up

Traders prefer Bithumb Global not only because of its good-looking interface and a wide choice of trading pairs, but also because of the ease of use. The process of identity verification does not take much time, and deposits are made in a few clicks. At the same time, the exchange offers extensive security measures that should be used from the very beginning. And the icing on the cake? Customer care team will be there for you 24/7, always ready to help.