Infinity Rocket (IRT) Inside Information and Developing Plan. The first interview with the project founders.

Infinity Rocket (IRT) Inside Information and Developing Plan. The first interview with the project founders.

The iRocket community members ask plenty of questions in chats. Obviously, the most interesting thing for them is the news that can influence the price of the token. We have talked to the project founders and elicited some insider information about the Infinity Rocket Platform and the IRT token.

The IRT token smart-contract was released on September 17th, 2021. Today it is traded on PancakeSwap, Coinsbit and Bitrue. The trading volume is $2 million daily. How do you rate the “flight” of your rocket after 8 months?

As far as you can see, we have an astronaut on our logo, it’s our mascot. If we go on speaking about the project in the “space” language then since the very beginning our spaceship has entered the right orbit and sticks to the given plan. Seriously though, we are proud that all the iRocket Road Map goals are done despite all the storms. Our team proves its efficiency under any circumstances.

What turned out easier to deal with and what made you work harder?

Every single project has its own character. Even if you have created and launched dozens of tokens to cryptoexchanges you need to adapt to each of them. However, the unsolvable problems do not appear. We have a really coordinated team so we are always taking higher goals to develop. The tempo we have maintained for 8 months proves it right. We appreciate the new challenges, the dynamics. It is urgent to stay focused.

The marketing experts say that an attractive idea or unique trade offer are necessary to succeed. What makes the Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform special?

That is a good question. This is one of our favorite points of discussion “Who are you?” and “What do you do to change the World?”. We are working on the full cycle platform that should contain the startups and the blockchain professionals, also traders.

We are working on the service that allows to walk the safe way from the idea to the token launch on the biggest international exchanges. We are creating the product we would doubtlessly use ourselves when we were launching our first tokens.

Could you tell us about your current team?

The sense of any structure is formed by the core. This very core of the Infinity Rocket team consists of professional traders, IT-architects and programmers, marketing experts. Such projects can not exist without these specialists. Furthermore, we have lawyers, social media specialists and web-developers who work on separate tasks.

By the way, all of us are crypto-enthusiasts as we were one of the first to work in this sphere since its establishment. Now our international team core numbers 12 people.

There are several companies that follow the strategy of full publicity. Their founders are public figures, they speak at different conferences. They also publish their private photos on social media. And you hold a different point of view. Could you tell us more about it?

All of us were public figures with boosted accounts and a resume. Although united by the idea and aspiration of making a great project we do not focus on promoting all of the team members. We are focused on our business. Some of us continue working officially for the huge international companies at the high positions. The project has its officials, legal address and company. But let me get that straight we appreciate privacy and anonymity, we even mentioned it on our website. Moreover, we respect our partners’ and clients’ privacy rights and they are grateful for this.

We can frequently come across the information about the project advisors from the CryptoMaximum company in your posts. What do they do?

We have been cooperating for a long time with the CryptoMaximum group since blockchain conferences. They develop trading and market making areas in our project. The professional impact in this sphere is rather important. Also, we hold some marketing activities in the CryptoMaximum community to promote the IRT token.

What perspectives does IRT have this summer? Surely, everyone is waiting for the rockets and new Xes. What can we expect?

Right, everyone loves insider information. When being traders we also learnt to read between the lines. Now we are ready to announce some most important upcoming events.

1. Soon there will be a new listing on a big exchange (TOP 20) and a  great promotion. This will increase the token trading volume and price, expand our community.

2. Also, we are going to demonstrate the beta-version of some service products for launchpad and new projects promotion. This product is unique and we are its authors. To estimate the platform functions we are going to form a focus-group from the most active members of our community.

The project is developing rapidly and the IRT chart is the proof of our professional input.

On May 23rd, 2022 you burnt 1% of the project tokens. How did it influence the price and why was it necessary?

Burning is an instrument that allows you to manage the number of tokens in circulation. This process leads to the price increase of tokens in circulation. This is a benefit for investors. For the project this process is some kind of an activity growth driver, a powerful stimulus of product added value increase. Until 2030 we will have burnt not less than 30% of tokens and, as for the whole living cycle of the product, we will burn 50% of all the tokens in circulation. Every integration will be followed by some massive PR-campaigns, new functional product blocks launching to save and increase the Infinity Rocket capitalization growth.

Let us speak about the chart. How can you describe the nature of the IRT token price movement?

The token price surely shows an uptrend since its launch. The previous events on the market in May 2022 illustrated that our token did not renew the minimums during some tough periods. We are working hard every day to maintain this confident growth tendency because the token price increase and the community expansion are straightly related to our plans realization. When the trading started on September 23rd in 2021 on PancakeSwap the token cost 0.00035 USD and reached 0.05 USD within a month and a half, the increase was more than 14000%. The number of token holders have reached 14 000 at the moment which shows the trust level of the community.

What advice can you give to the investors?

Probably, it will not sound unique but there is an important criteria of choosing the project for investing. “You should always rate the idea, the product and the team”. Most important are distant things: the results, plan executions, reaching the goals and the active work on the product.

However, if you enter some great project at a high price, you should be ready to lose some money especially for a short period of time. That is why when you choose wisely and rate the fundamental characteristics you gain more than hype assets trade.

Remember: a long-term investor earns more than a short-term trader. However, you should take your time. If you want to make a long-term investment, you should choose high qualified projects. Nobody is a good investor in the beginning of his path. What forms the professionalism is persistence, constant self-educating and the experience of overcoming the obstacles.

Good luck! Join us, we will be glad to communicate.

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