Lumeos is a decentralized social network from Ali Ayyash, the ex-employee of Google Cloud (Snapchat and Pokemon Go) and Amazon. It is an application where users can vote and participate in polls. Users publish surveys in which other members of the platform respond and receive LUME tokens for their actions. We reviewed the advantages and disadvantages of the social network.

приложение соцсети Lumeos

Social media application for voting and polls

The Lumeos social network application was introduced in the summer of 2018 and currently has about 4,000 users. The essence of the platform, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android, is in the regular publication of polls and surveys and participation in them. For each vote, 4 LUME are awarded, so members of the community can monetize their data.

Registration in Lumeos is no different from setting up an account on other social networks as users need to enter an email, create a password of 8 characters, and enter it twice. After that, access to the platform is provided and 500 LUME is granted in the form of rewards for downloading the application and creating an account.

Another 100 LUME is granted to the user for verification (50 LUME only for email and phone number). To receive these bonuses, users must enter their personal data: first name, last name, phone number, place of residence, date of birth, and an EOS wallet (if any).

профиль в соцсети Lumeos

In the “Polls” section, which is the start page of the application, all active polls from the Lumeos community are presented. Each vote is limited in time and 85 hours are given for any post. After that, the survey goes to the archive, and the user is granted tokens. The number depends on the success and activity of the community. Responses are taken into account along with comments and votes.

раздел опросов Polls в приложении соцсети Lumeos

Lumeos also allows users to create groups by user interest. The “Communities” section is not very relevant for network members at the moment, as the largest group has only 349 accounts. The essence of the groups is also to conduct surveys that relate to any topics.

группы по интересам в приложении Lumeos

The “Profile” section contains user information stored on the EOS blockchain. Here users can see the current balance, rank in the general list (depending on the activity of the participant), subscribers, and the number of surveys passed. Over the week, we climbed from the 3,574th place to the 1,613th, voted in 187 polls that were available for seven days, and received 748 points out of 1,248. We did not get any subscribers during this time.

профиль пользователя приложения соцсети Lumeos

In order to make surveys, it is necessary to go through verification and have at least 1,500 LUME on the balance. Therefore, throughout the time of the active use of the network, we were unable to publish our poll. It is worth noting that polls can be created on absolutely any topic.

пример опроса в соцсети Lumeos

In the “Notification” section, users can set up alerts, and in the “Leaderboard,” they can get acquainted with the most popular participants and polls on the Lumeos network. Thus, on March 1, Cryptomak with 14,569 LUME earned first place among users, but the leader among the votes was the question “Fruits or Vegetables,” which scored 613 answers, 75 upvotes, and 25 comments.

рейтинг пользователей соцсети Lumeos

Lumeos: Review Summary

The Lumeos social network application is quick and convenient for conducting surveys, data about which could be used in various kinds of research. Therefore, from the point of view of perception and user-friendliness, in our opinion, it has no defects. But user activity on the social network is inferior to other applications, for example, SteemApp, and therefore, one has to be active and patient in order to organize polls.