Lumi Collect is a wallet application that supports ERC-721 tokens. The wallet can store digital collectibles and gaming assets from CryptoKitties, Blockchain Cuties, and other games. A feature of the application is that for registration, it is not necessary to provide any personal information.

обзор на кошелек Lumi Collect
Lumi Collect

Crypto wallet for ERC-721 tokens

At its core, Lumi Collect is a separate Lumi blockchain wallet application which is designed to work with various crypto assets. As for Lumi Collect, it is used only for ERC-721 standard tokens, as this format implies the creation of unique digital coin items.

стартовая страница в крипто-кошельке Lumi Collect

In the Lumi Collect application, when creating a new wallet, a user needs to come up with a four-digit password that will be entered each time they sign in. After that, the user has access to all the services of the program. Private keys are under the control of the client and are not transferred to anyone.

создание пароля для кошелька Lumi Collect

But the user needs to make a seed phrase consisting of 12 words, which is necessary to protect the account so that it can be restored it in an emergency case. Lumi Collect represents each word separately. Only a couple of seconds are given to write down or copy a word. If the user does not make it to save part of the phrase, then it is necessary to start over. It takes a lot of time, and the application freezes.

создание seed-фразы в приложении Lumi Collect

Lumi Collect is designed so that two pages, which are usually called “Wallet” (the section where a user can view their balance and send or receive tokens) and dApps (the section where there is a list of games and other platforms that cooperate with the wallet), are merged into one.

список dApps в кошельке Lumi Collect

To send coins, users need to go to the “Send” section and enter the necessary parameters: the amount of cryptocurrency, the address (users can scan the QR code), and the transaction fee. To receive tokens, users need to open the “Receive” section and copy the address or a QR code.

получение монет в приложении Lumi Collect

Clicking on the crypto project on the Lumi Collect start page opens the official website of the game itself. For example, we went to the Crypto Detective game platform, where the main characters are kittens. Users can immediately replenish the balance of Crypto Detective and start playing.

выбор игры в приложении Lumi Collect

The “Settings” section is located in the upper right corner. There users can change their password, contact Lumi Collect representatives, and download the main version of the Lumi crypto wallet.

Lumi Collect: Review Summary

The Lumi Collect application is suitable for users who need the services of replenishing the coin balance in crypto games built on the Ethereum platform. The wallet is easy to use; however, some functions, such as getting a seed phrase, are designed inconveniently from the UX perspective. In addition, users need to get used to the single start page of the application.