My Crypto Heroes is the most popular game on the Ethereum platform from Japanese developers. In the top rankings of decentralized applications, MCH (briefly “my crypto heroes”) is second only to CryptoKitties. But My Crypto Heroes belongs to the genre of role-playing computer games, which means that MCH is most famous in its gaming segment.

My Crypto Heroes

Ethereum RPG Game

Despite the total number of the My Crypto Heroes community (slightly more than 3,000), more than 1,500 users visit the application and desktop game version per day, that is, 50% of the total. This indicator is the highest among all games on the Ethereum platform.

My Crypto Heroes review

The game is released by the Tokyo software development company Double The target audience of the game platform is Asian, so the main language of the game is Japanese. But the default My Crypto Heroes application for Android and iOS is downloaded in English, allowing players from all over the world to create accounts and use the settings. To understand the options of the game, users can go to the official website of the platform. Creating an account is fast, as users just need to come up with a password, and the address will be generated automatically.

My Crypto Heroes game

The My Crypto Heroes platform offers two options for user registration. The first one implies entering through a Metamask crypto wallet. The user should have a certain amount of Ethers on the account (there is no certain minimum and maximum threshold). Or, if the user wants to test the game, they can log in through their Google account. But it will be impossible to get tokens for the game due to the lack of a wallet. The player’s balance will be displayed in the application in the Asserts section.

My Crypto Heroes game review

My Crypto Heroes, according to the game developers, is a fast and ordinary RPG, a game genre which means creating characters and “pumping their skills” and capabilities. The game has its own space. In MCH, this is a historical era in which the heroes of the world and their enemies live. Platform users play for positive characters. The task of the player is to create the strongest character equipped with all the skills and items necessary to win on the battlefield.

Of course, bonus points are awarded for winning, as My Crypto Heroes tokens are called GUM (ERC-721), which can then be converted into the ETH cryptocurrency. All heroes, except for beginners (heroes by default), can be exchanged on the Ethereum network. To buy a hero, users must exchange GUM for a character.

The first thing the user can pay attention to is the pixel image of the characters. There are constant comments that the graphics are terrible. All graphics in My Crypto Heroes resemble the design of games in the era of their inception. Therefore, users will need to get used to seeing the characters in “bits.”

My Crypto Heroes Ethereum game

In My Crypto Heroes, the heroes are designed on the basis of different levels of rarity and power. For example, some have elements that increase their attack skills, while others gain a higher defense to deal more damage. After purchase, all the characters are stored on the blockchain.

My Crypto Heroes offers different options for strategy complexity for all levels of players. But an incredible storyline, as in centralized game analogs, is absent, as developers are constantly experimenting with the format. The appendix contains a section called Strategy, where various game options are described, but all materials on blogs that are posted by reference are published in Japanese.

My Crypto Heroes game on Ethereum

The characters themselves possess the “faces” of world-level personalities, from the look of Albert Einstein to the Japanese writer Fukuzawa Yukichi. Therefore, each character in the game is special. The appearance of heroes can be changed in the Art Edit section. In our opinion, it is better to do this in the desktop version, since character redesign implies downloading new images.

My Crypto Heroes overiew

My Crypto Heroes: Review Summary

The Japanese game My Crypto Heroes is the most popular RPG on the Ethereum platform. In our opinion, users are attracted by the simplicity of the concept of MCH and the possibility of earning. More experienced players are probably attracted by large pixel graphics, which resembles the game industry at its inception stage. The game’s main disadvantage is that it is almost entirely in Japanese. But thanks to constant updates, the game will develop and be available to more users.