The NFT collection that made it

The NFT collection that made it

Anonymous Telegram numbers in the form of NFTs based on the TON blockchain represent a unique NFT collection. It is one of the few collections created in 2022 that has real-world utility. The launch took place at the end of last year and generated enormous interest, serving as a notable example of utilizing new technologies, along with the sale of premium @usernames for accounts and channels.

The key feature of the anonymous Telegram numbers is their anonymity and limited quantity. Essentially, they are virtual numbers that cannot be used for making calls or sending SMS messages. They are only suitable for authentication purposes on Telegram. However, it is possible that their functionality may expand in the future, which motivates enthusiasts to acquire these numbers despite their initial cost increasing twentyfold.

The limited emission

A total of 137,000 numbers have been issued, and no new numbers will be released. This means that the potential growth and final price of each number will be determined solely by the financial capabilities of individuals who desire a highly anonymous Telegram account. Judging by the demand, there are likely many such individuals.

How does it work?

Upon purchase, you receive an NFT on the TON blockchain (example) that is associated with a specific number. Subsequently, you can receive SMS codes for registration and login on the website created by the Telegram team – The address will be stored only in your blockchain wallet, ensuring that no external access can be granted to it.

Essentially, this means that your Telegram account becomes linked to your wallet on the TON blockchain. To access your account, you will need the seed phrase and the corresponding NFT stored within it.


It is worth noting the distribution of the numbers. Among the 37,000 addresses, some of them may belong to the same individuals.

Distribution of the number of accounts per holder,

Below is a ranking of holders with the number of accounts each holds. It's interesting that none of them have sold their numbers so far. On the contrary, the top 3 addresses actively acquire new numbers despite the rising prices.

Top holders of anonymous numbers,

Thus, out of 137,000 numbers, 15,967 or more than 10% are held by a small group of 10 individuals. This means that despite anyone being able to purchase a number, a majority of the numbers were acquired by large investors—a telling story for those who advocate for fair distribution of coins in blockchain.

As we can see, even with initially equal opportunities, the largest beneficiaries were the major players who invested disproportionately at the start. According to blockchain data, numbers were purchased massively using special scripts and multiple accounts.

Cost and Prospects

The price of anonymous numbers has significantly increased since their launch. Initially, they were sold for 9 TON ($16), but now the minimum price is already 185 TON, with a recent growth of around 100%.

Additionally, we should note the value of attractive number combinations, which are highly sought after and priced higher. Numbers hold great significance within the Chinese and Asian communities, resulting in the emergence of large communities of Chinese investors around anonymous numbers and premium @usernames on Telegram.

The average profit for each user who purchased a number after the December announcement was around 2000% of their initial investment. It's an impressive result, and it seems that it's not the end yet.

The value of numbers now lies in their rarity, demand, and exclusive opportunities provided by Telegram to number holders. Furthermore, users believe that Telegram will offer special functionality to anonymous number owners in the future.


Anonymous numbers are a vivid example of how blockchain technology can penetrate everyday life and create new unique opportunities.

While Facebook and Instagram have chosen not to embrace NFTs, failing to create a real market, new functionality, and value for them, Telegram continues to steadily develop towards decentralization using the TON blockchain. Technically, anonymous numbers are currently the most successful mass collection with real-world applications.

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