Cryptocurrency rates change very rapidly, and therefore, it is very important for a trader to always have access to an exchange. Smartphones help in this regard, but not every exchange has a mobile application. DeCenter has prepared an overview of some of the cryptocurrency exchange interfaces from App Store and Google Play. Attention: the list describes features of the available applications, not the work of the exchanges.

Exchange: Binance

Application name: Binance—Cryptocurrency Exchange; Binance

Available for download from: Google Play, Official website

Languages: English, Chinese, Russian

Binance can be considered one of the world's leading crypto exchanges because it supports 324 trading pairs for the exchange of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Binance is available for both iOS and Android devices. To download on iOS, users must proceed to the direct download from Binance’s website as the application is not listed on the Apple App Store. Perhaps the lack of an application is associated with system failures that began as early as the beginning of the year, when users stopped receiving verification messages with the corresponding code.

Exchange: Huobi

Application name: Huobi App; Huobi-app

Available for download from: App Store, Google Play

Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Singapore's crypto exchange offers an application to make transactions, track the market in real time through charts, conduct professional correspondence with traders around the world, and view trade records in detail. The application's background color can be changed depending on the time of day from white to dark blue. The interface is clear and simple:

The application used to hang up until March 2018, but now, judging by the comments of the users of both app stores, Huobi is working in normal mode with minor failures. The main disadvantage that remained after the system upgrade was the lack of a button for quick links with the technical support team and the developers of the crypto exchange.

Exchange: Bitfinex

Application name: Bitfinex; Bitfinex

Available for download from: App Store, Google Play

Languages: English

As the developers claim, the Bitfinex mobile instruments were created for convenient trade on the road. The site of the crypto exchange provides detailed instructions for downloading and installing the program on any smartphone, which helps to avoid difficulties upon first login. The application can be customized to taste, and one can transfer only data they deem necessary. An API key confirming login to the application is created instead of a login and password. According to some users, this key often goes missing from the system and requires constant updating, making it difficult for traders to work efficiently:

Exchange: OKEx

Application name: OKEx—Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency Exchange

Available for download from: Google Play

Languages: English, Chinese

The crypto application of the Hong Kong-based company OKEx is visually similar to that of Huobi with a simple design and multicolored icons, where cryptocurrency rate fluctuations can be traced through numbers, but there are no graphs. Unfortunately, the application is not currently available on the U.S. App Store.

After downloading the program, the following sections appear on the top of the screen: How to buy Bitcoin, Beginner's Guide, and FAQ. All of them can be helpful for beginners of the crypto industry:

The application can be downloaded from the official website of the exchange using a QR code. The rating on Google Play is generally positive, although some users report glitches.

Exchange: Bithumb

Application name: 빗썸; Bithumb

Available for download from: App Store, Google Play

Languages: Korean, English

The application for smartphones from the Korean Bithumb crypto exchange is a carbon copy of company's main website. The program itself looks old-fashioned in comparison with all other offers from exchanges, where a creative approach can be traced with accompanying interest in the matter. The text font is rather small and unreadable. There are no charts and all rates are presented in numbers.

When switching from the main page to other sections of the application, the English language changes to Korean. It takes some time to complete operations as the program can hang up at any time:

But, despite the existing shortcomings, Bithumb was installed by more than a million Android users.

Exchange: Kraken

Application name: Kraken Bitcoin Exchange

Available for download from: App Store

Languages: English, Danish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish

Up until January 2018, the users of the application of the American crypto exchange were dissatisfied with the operation of the program. Many people were irritated by the system's frequent hang-ups, making it necessary to repeatedly click on the screen in order to update cryptocurrency rates. The design and architecture of the program were unsuitable for fast operations. After receiving a huge amount of negative feedback, the developers at Kraken completely updated the application interface and reconfigured all of its main functions. Now the app allows one to can quickly monitor all the changes on the crypto market. Now there is also a tool for calculating the conversion of fiat money into Bitcoin and altcoins:

On App Store, the app has a score of 1.3 out of 5.


Application name:; APP

Available for download from: App Store, Google Play

Languages: English, Korean, Chinese

The page with the list of cryptocurrencies on the GATE IO exchange application differs from similar sections of competing companies. As a rule, risings rates are colored in green, and falling ones are dyed red. The developers at did everything the other way around as they placed rising rates in red on top, and falling rates in green at the bottom:

Some users were misled by such a solution, but, in general, the application received positive reviews. For example, on Google Play, several people called this program beautiful.