In the first part of the review, we talked about seven applications that allow conducting trade from a smartphone. Fortunately, there are more exchange applications. DeCenter prepared a second list of crypto interfaces from App Store and Google Play.

We remind you that the list describes available application functions, not the work of the exchanges. The material is based on comments, user evaluations, and personal perceptions of the author.

Exchange: Coinone

Application name: 코인 원, 코인 원—Coinone

Available for download from: App Store, Google Play

Languages: English, Korean

The application from the Korean Coinone exchange is updated several times each month. The developers constantly introduce changes, making the program better and more convenient for trading in one touch. MultiSig wallets are used to improve security. The essence is that there may be several people who own a wallet, and one can send money from it only if several signatures from the specified persons are simultaneously available. One can enter the program using a numeric password or Touch ID/Face ID. The design of the application in the two stores does not differ from each other and has a white background with a blue font and with the necessary icons on the bottom panel. The rising rates are marked in red, the falling ones in blue. There is also a summary of news from the leading blockchain channels under the exchange rates. The only difficulty is that the application is loaded in Korean by default.

Exchange: KuCoin

Application name: KuCoin; KuCoin

Available for download from: App Store, Google Play

Languages: English, Danish, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish

The Singapore-based KuCoin currency exchange launched its application immediately after the company's opening in 2017. In November, there were problems with installing the program, as smartphones did not trust the app and blocked it, but then the developers eliminated this bug. If your device still has the "Not available for use" window, then read the installation instructions. The authors of DeCenter did not encounter such difficulties. If you have other problems, you can contact the technical service of the exchange through Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

The application has only one dark color mode, and it also allows following the charts with currency rates in a horizontal position.


Application name: CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange; CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange

Available for download from: App Store, Google Play

Languages: English

The London based exchange offers quick exchanges of fiat money for cryptocurrency using an application-bound card. The program records the entire history of transactions. The interface is fairly simple and understandable, the only thing that users are asked to add is graphics. It should be noted that the feedback from the team is among the promptest on the market, as the developers respond to every positive and negative comment in App Store and Google Play. The technical support of the exchange always works and the application allows connecting to the support experts directly.

Exchange: Luno

Application name: Luno Bitcoin Wallet; Luno Bitcoin Wallet

Available for download from: App Store, Google Play

Languages: English, Indonesian

Luno is an application from another British crypto exchange that is popular among users in the two stores, and it has a rating of four stars out of five. It is suitable for beginners since the program has all the basic and necessary functions for operational trading. The developers have provided guidelines on how to send and receive cryptocurrencies using Luno. The wallet address can be sent to any person simply by copying it. Initial login into the application is possible only after registration of an account, then access to the system will be made after entering a password or through Touch ID. The volatility charts are presented in a simplified manner in the form of a curve without any specific data.

Exchange: ANXPRO

Name of the application: ANX Vault: Your Digital Assets Wallet; ANX Vault: Your Bitcoin Wallet

Available for download from: App Store, Google Play

Languages: English

The application from the ANXPRO crypto exchange supports ten fiat currencies and five cryptocurrencies. The company has its own debit card through which users can add and withdraw funds. Login is made using a single-use password, which is sent to the phone number. The ANXPRO website displays the design of the application in red and white with circular color charts, where currency rates are represented as numbers without any graphs.

No problems with logging in were reported, but several users, including the author of the review, could not log into the application. At the time of writing, the technical support team available on Facebook and Twitter did not respond to the request made by DeCenter.