Partiko is a decentralized social network for content monetization, the second-most popular application on the Steem blockchain after SteemApp, which we reviewed earlier. Despite the similar goals of the two platforms in granting users profits for likes and reposts, Partiko is notable for maximum usability and high speed.


The decentralized social network on the Steem blockchain

Registration is not required for an introductory entry into the application. Any user can access all posts. But to comment or like the content (in decentralized networks that aim to monetize content, user rating is expressed in monetary terms), users need to create an account.

Partiko review

The registration process is faster than in a similar application SteemApp. It is worth noting that the speed of all actions in Partiko (publishing and uploading an already finished post, updating content, etc.) is higher compared to similar decentralized social networks. The abovementioned SteemApp is slower, as the project team pays great attention to technology and not to user interests.

As the developers of the social network say, Partiko’s fast work was achieved due to the focus on the application itself, and not on improving the blockchain, as other teams do. In addition, the social network applications, which are available for iOS and Android, are designed in the programming language of the platforms themselves.

The following sections are presented on the bottom control panel:

 Home — information about the user;

 Trending — section of top materials;

 Points — user balance and rewards;

 Notifications — notifications about new publications or user mentions;

 Search — search for other users or news.

Thanks to the quick access to the necessary functionality, the familiar work “as in usual social networks” is provided.

Partiko app

The Notifications section for decentralized social networks is a kind of innovation, despite the fact that on Twitter or Facebook alerts are a common practice. The Search section quickly loads information. In the Partiko application, users can enter, for example, the word Bitcoin into the search bar, and the network will select similar accounts and materials for this query. The design of the Search section is similar to the design of Instagram pages.

Partiko app review

The Points section displays the user’s current balance and earnings for publishing materials. For each entry in the application on a daily basis, a user is awarded 10 points. Points are also awarded for commenting, publishing posts, and voting, which can later be exchanged for “votes” and earn the STEEM cryptocurrency of the Steem blockchain. For example, for the buyout of 7,500 points, users can get about $0.4, or a little more than one platform token.

Due to the fact that points are awarded not only for the popularity of the publication but also for the activities on the network, users need to be active and participate in polls and other activities. In the Leaderboard subsection, the top 20 users are shown, depending on the points earned. We can say that these members of the network are the most active ones.

decentralized social network Partiko

Partiko: Review Summary

After using two applications that are based on the Steem blockchain, SteemApp and Partiko, it can be concluded that the second is the easiest and most convenient for a user who is looking for an alternative to classic social networks. It is probably not possible to earn much using Partiko (because of its short existence from the end of last year), but users can test the decentralized application and understand that they can work quickly and profitably on the new type of social networks.