The crypto market is growing before our eyes, and in 2018 new coins are appearing almost every day. Modern systems and marketing opportunities allow anyone to launch their own ICO, and it will not cost millions of dollars. But, as practice shows, one can raise these millions of dollars on the most comic and frivolous projects.

Meme Coins

For example, at the moment, Dogecoin is in 41st place in terms of capitalization among all cryptocurrencies. This is an open-source currency for peer to peer transactions. The crypto’s logo is a dog of the Shiba Inu breed that was once a very popular meme on the Internet. Actually, this coin is not distinguished by anything special, but the very fact of its existence cannot but cause bewilderment and bring a smile to one’s face. Laughter is one thing, but the market capitalization of Dogecoin is more than 573 million dollars.

Dogecoin has a direct competitor in the image of Pepe Cash. This coin also appeared thanks to an Internet meme, this one being inspired by Pepe the frog. The functionality of this coin is slightly broader than that of Dogecoin, as it serves as a kind of currency on the Pepedirectory platform designed to store and exchange rare cards with Pepe.

Tokenization of Religion

The imagination and boldness of some ICO enthusiasts know no bounds. Religion is a rather scrupulous topic for many, and in Russia, one can very well end up in jail for an unsuccessful act or statement related to the religious feelings of people. All this, however, did not scare the creators of Jesuscoin. As stated on the site of this "crypto," by having Jesuscoin in your wallet you are guaranteed to enter paradise. The founders of the cryptocurrency also claim that they are negotiating with the Church to offer the opportunity of forgiving sins in exchange for Jesuscoin. The website of this unusual coin, however, states that Jesus Christ himself is the founder, and Apostle Paul is responsible for PR. The capitalization of this currency is modest at half million dollars.

There is also a ConfessionCoin on the crypto market, using which one can write their sins into the blockchain and thus atone for them.

Political Cryptocurrency

We are not even talking about El Petro, the Venezuelan state cryptocurrency, as everyone already knows about it. There are several coins on the market, whose creators were inspired by some famous world politicians. Russian president Vladimir Putin can boast about having a currency named in his honor. At the moment, PutinCoin claims the 619th place in the rating with a capitalization of 3.4 million dollars. It is more amusing, however, that another coin named PutinClassic was created after PutinCoin to honor the Russian leader. The novelty does not pretend to be a medium of exchange but was declared as a souvenir, which is "nice to hold in your wallet."

Putin’s transatlantic colleague Donald Trump is not lagging behind in this dubious honor and has TrumpCoin named after him. Its capitalization is less than that of PutinCoin and is about 560 thousand dollars.

Sex Coins

There are several currencies on the market, one way or another related to the topic of sex and the industry for adults. For example, Sexcoin, which, according to its official page on the Internet, "is the first industry-specific cryptocurrency targeted at the entertainment industry for adults." The coin can be used to buy sex toys and porn films. Sexcoin, apparently, enjoys a certain popularity as it is at 380th in the ranking, and its capitalization is a little more than a million dollars.

This coin has a competitor in the form of Titcoin, utterly indistinguishable from Sexcoin. There is also the Gay Money currency intended for people with unconventional views on the relationship between the sexes, but its site is currently blocked, and information about its market capitalization is unavailable.

The Most Honest Crypto

Many founders of ICO projects spend dozens of hours trying to figure out why they need blockchain in their project and why they need their own cryptocurrency. After all, you need to explain to people what you are collecting money for and what possession of this or that coin will grant. But there is at least one company on the market that immediately and openly declares that their coin is absolutely useless. The creators of the Useless Ethereum Token motivate the launch of their own ICO by the fact that they want to buy themselves something with the proceeds, for example, a large screen TV. The funniest thing is that there were investors as the coin’s token sale managed to raise 270 thousand dollars. More than enough for a TV.

Other Unusual Coins

Fuck Token bears the idea that by sending it to someone, you symbolically wave this person away for a long time.

BitCoen is the first kosher cryptocurrency created for the Jewish people. In addition to the coin itself, there is an entire ecosystem, including a trading platform, a payment platform, and another one for advertising.

PotCoin is a crypto, which is a means of mutual settlement in the legal market of marijuana.

Monacoin, Catcoin, and Nyancoin cryptocurrencies were all inspired by kittens, the beloved domestic pets of the Internet.

Good or Bad?

It is amazing how diverse the cryptocurrency market is, if among its participants there are such, sometimes completely absurd coins. It seems that for some, an ICO is not a tool by which they receive funding, but a way of expressing themselves or even trying to convey their ideas to the world. The mere fact of the existence of such coins expands the understanding of the essence of the ICO and gives a revolutionary character to the industry of cryptocurrencies.