The Theta Wallet enables users to receive and send THETA tokens. At Theta, whose advisors include the co-founders of YouTube and Twitch Steve Chen and Justin Kan, users can create decentralized applications for esports, gambling, and entertainment industries. And Theta Wallet, in turn, will allow users to save digital network tokens and transfer them to the balance of other applications.

Theta Wallet

The Theta platform wallet on which users can create dApps

The Theta project with internal THETA tokens (42nd place on CoinMarketCap; traded on more than 20 exchanges) is a protocol with an open-source decentralized network. On its basis, users can create decentralized applications in various directions. The first such dApp was, a streaming platform with a voluminous user base where users can watch gaming videos and organize esports broadcasts. A cooperation agreement was signed in November 2018, and then Ring of Elysium players began to use THETA tokens.

The platform developers have created a hot wallet for transferring and receiving THETA tokens, the Theta Wallet. It is available for download on the App Store and Google Play. So far, the application works only with ERC-20 tokens, but in the near future, the wallet will have new functions.

To register on the network, initially, users need to create a protective phrase for their account and restore it in case of application removal or other losses. The program will offer a generated set of 12 words that users need to write down and save in a safe place.

защитная фраза в кошельке Theta Wallet

After that, users need to come up with a six-digit password to access Theta Wallet. They will be entered each time users log into the application and thereby protect the data. It should be noted that Touch ID or Face ID will not work to access the application.

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The user needs to think of the name of the wallet. Then access to all Theta Wallet features will be granted. Using the application is based on intuitive perception. Three functions will be presented on the main control panel: Wallet, Transactions, and Settings.

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The Transaction section will show the list of payments made. Users can configure or change the password in the Settings section. Communication with developers and technical support of the platform is also available there. The Wallet shows a balance of user tokens, and there are functions to receive and send coins via a QR code or another user’s address. Users can manually configure the transfer fee for transaction speeds.

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Theta Wallet: Review Summary

The Theta Wallet application on Theta blockchain platform is convenient and simple. This wallet is suitable for gamers and all those who are interested in receiving and sending THETA tokens. The developers promise to expand the functionality of the wallet, which means that users will have more opportunities to use Theta network coins in gaming and other areas where users need to replenish their balance and withdraw the money earned.