The TronWallet is one of the official wallets of the Tron decentralized platform, which is intended for users all over the world. Using the application, users can not only exchange TRX platform tokens but also participate in games. And there are a lot of them because Tron was initially created as a platform for entertainment content.


Wallet of the decentralized Tron platform

The Tron project has several versions of desktop and mobile wallets, which are created by community developers. All the official wallet versions are available on the community site, so the representatives of the Tron Foundation strongly recommend using only published applications and websites for the safety and security of the tokens.

Three official wallets have been created for iOS and Android smartphones: TRON Wallet Android, TRON Wallet iOS, and TronWallet. The first two are designed for specific platforms and are more suitable for an Asian audience since Chinese is the main application language. In turn, TronWallet is the most adapted for the global community and supports a large number of languages, including Russian.

Registration in the TronWallet is fast. At the first stage, the application requires users to come up with a 6-digit password which will later be entered each time users log on to the platform. If a user forgets their data, the wallet can be restored from a seed phrase that is generated upon registration from random word selection.

TronWallet review

The TronWallet is primarily intended for transferring TRX tokens to the balance of various games that are created on the Tron platform. The application can be selected from the popular category or as a link entered in the search engine. Thanks to a separate button on the quick access panel in the form of a globe, which is called DAPPS, users can select the application, not only the game, and transfer the coins, for example, to TronLotto or FishingMast.

TronWallet app

All transactions that will be made are saved in the “two arrows” section. And the “wallet” section shows account information. The current total token balance and ownership of specific coins are displayed separately. There are functions on payment and receipt of tokens using a QR code through the same window.

TronWallet app review

The voting function for decentralized applications on the Tron blockchain, which are called “Super Representatives,” is available in the quick access panel in the section displayed as a horn. At the moment, the list contains 188 items. These applications are, in fact, the best on this blockchain.

TronWallet application

Like all wallets, TronWallet has the functions of an exchange and cryptocurrency rates tracker. They can be found in sections in the form of a dollar. Users can also delegate TRX coins with the touch of a button to various projects that are based on the Tron blockchain.

TronWallet application review

TronWallet: Review Summary

This wallet, which is designed to work with the TRX tokens of the Tron blockchain, is best adapted to the user who needs the function of interaction with other network projects. Quick transactions within the platform will allow gamers and other adherents of Tron applications to stay in the game while sending and receiving coins. The design of the app itself is quite simple and available in many languages, so TronWallet is in great demand.