For many users, equipment for mining provides a lot of inconveniences which are often associated with noise and excessive heat. ASIC miners and high-performance graphics cards require constant cooling since they release a significant amount of heat. The equipment can be ventilated through fans. In addition, there are hydraulic systems on the market that help cool the system with water. This type of mining was named hydromining.

Hydromining is one of the types of cryptocurrency production that is carried out with the help of water. This type of mining is an environmentally friendly and sustainable form of cryptocurrency production in comparison with the traditional process.

Thanks to the use of water, the equipment for mining is cooled, thus reducing the cost of electricity and increasing the productivity of the mining unit itself. Water cooling systems maintain default temperatures and prevent overheating, hence production always works, and downtime is reduced.

Dmitry Golubev, Tominers sales director for hydraulic systems, commented to DeCenter that many beginner miners want to place farms and ASICs in homes, but the loud noise of operating equipment does not allow them to do so. "Liquid cooling not only reduces noise but also improves performance by 25 to 30 percent."

Water is a renewable source of energy, and in most countries where the population is interested in the cryptocurrency industry, there are no shortages of water resources. Hydromining, unlike the classical type of coin mining, does not harm the environment since it does not heat the surrounding air.

In addition to the use of environmentally friendly energy sources, hydraulic production provides increased reliability, cost-effectiveness, and improved productivity. The representative of the company Gidromayn.rf Maxim Kuzminykh in the commentary for this material explained that the hydromining installation allows for significant reduction of used space in the data center due to the high density of board placement in the modules and the absence of air corridors. "The cooled equipment is no longer subject to wear, as it is completely protected from the effects of the environment: contamination of the boards with microscopic dust, corrosion, possible short-circuiting due to the accumulation of condensate at below freezing temperatures, etc."

Maxim Kuzminykh cites the technical passport of the hydraulic installation, which describes the functioning of the system. For example, cooling can be carried out according to the principles of "water to air" or "water to water.” In the first case, the circulation pump takes the heated liquid from the top of the unit, then directs the water down through the radiator. The fan, which is installed in the lower part opposite the radiator, airflows the liquid passing through the radiator tubes. Then it gets back to the bottom of the unit and cools the apparatus.

In the second water-to-water cooling variant, the circulation pump takes the heated liquid from the top of the unit and sends it to the heat exchanger. Then, it supplies water from a well or central water supply and conducts it through the same heat exchanger. Then, the hot and cold liquids exchange heat. After the heat exchanger, the water must go to the sewer system or back to the water supply.

The two experts agreed that money was lost due to every hour of equipment downtime. The use of water cooling systems in mining ensures that the units will withstand a safe operating temperature with a lower price for energy. Due to these advantages, the demand for equipment for hydromining is growing. "Recently, we have seen an increase in the popularity of immersion cooling systems. There are a lot of clients interested in mining, and not all of them are from Russia. There are customers from Europe and CIS countries," says Dmitry Golubev and assures that the volatility of the crypto exchange rate does not affect the desire to procure a cryptocurrency.

Golubev is confident that mining remains profitable in the medium and long-term. "The production of cryptocurrency in the form in which it exists today will be profitable for at least two more years. The main thing is to have good equipment. Before buying, fully test the system, do not trust dubious companies, only work with trusted suppliers when concerning prepayments. The miners who enter the crypto business now will be able to receive excellent dividends in the future."