While the crypto market is preparing new-year gifts, or low prices and the opportunity to enter the market, people think about what to give to their loved ones for the winter holidays. DeCenter has compiled a guide on New Year gifts that can be bought for cryptocurrencies. We emphasize that it is not necessary to convert digital assets into fiat money because there are already companies in the world that accept Bitcoin, Ether, and other coins as payment.

Donation Gifts

The noblest and most significant gift for the development of society is making a contribution, a donation to projects that deal with issues important for all of humanity. Donating to the cause is a very honorable way of spending Bitcoins. Many non-profit organizations accept digital transfers. Here is a list of some funds for donating gifts to:

 Autism Speaks. The organization conducts research, funds educational opportunities, and raises awareness of the autism spectrum disorder.

 Code to Inspire provides young Afghan women the opportunity to learn how to code and earn a living.

 Heifer International is an organization that provides livestock training for impoverished communities in developing countries.

 The Water Project. The purpose of this organization is to ensure the availability and maintenance of clean water in sub-Saharan African communities.

Purse.io compiled a list of charitable organizations that accept cryptocurrencies as a donation.

Gift Certificates

Gift cards and codes are one of the most popular gifts. If you do not know about the specific preferences of a person, you can purchase a gift certificate. For Bitcoin on Gyft, users can buy $5 to $500 vouchers from Nike, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s, and other companies. The cost in BTC is calculated based on the rate of the first digital coin. The site not only allows you to make quick and no-fee purchases but also explains the essence of Bitcoin.


Users can pay for New Year (and not only) trips and hotel accommodation using Bitcoin. For example, the Latvian airline AirBaltic was one of the first to introduce the possibility of buying tickets for its flights across Europe and Russia using digital coins. The only thing worth remembering is that Bitcoin payments are available only for Basic tickets and provided that the ticket is purchased no later than five days before departure. In addition to AirBaltic, there are intermediary companies such as CheapAir (accepts Bitcoins from 2013) which also provide the service of paying for tickets using digital currency.

A flight for the New Year holidays from Moscow to Amsterdam and back if paid in Bitcoin will cost 0.094 BTC. Source.

Users can also book and pay for hotel accommodation. The Expedia travel agency or Travelforcoins intermediary website will help users find the right hotel room and confirm arrival with Bitcoin. In addition, we should not forget that users can also pay for a gala dinner with the help of BTC, because now more and more cafes and restaurants around the world, including in Russia, are accepting cryptocurrencies.


Cosmetics and other items of the beauty industry remain desired gifts for lovers of makeup. Products of the brands Sephora and Ulta Beauty, which offer makeup items and care products, can be purchased with the help of a certificate from the Gyft website or through the Lolli app. It allows users to make online purchases of certain products and return Bitcoin in the form of cashback. Thus, after purchasing cosmetics and other things for fiat money, most women get their first Bitcoin.


The famous American jewelry network REEDS Jewelers offers to buy any jewelry, watches, or precious metals for Bitcoin. If users make a purchase online, the company promises to deliver the parcel for free. To do this, click on the desired item and choose Bitcoin as a payment method. Users can also pay in digital coins at retail outlets of REEDS Jewelers in the USA. The only thing that the owners of the company ask for is to warn in advance about the intentions of paying using BTC.

The company provides an opportunity to buy jewelry in different ways. If the author of this article were to purchase this ring, she would have to pay 2.25 BTC. Source.

Anything from Overstock, Amazon, or fatcats.market

The entire range of products, offered by world-famous Internet retailers Overstock, Amazon, and fatcats.market, can be bought for cryptocurrencies. The very first to start accepting BTC in 2014 was Overstock, a large online store offering discounts on clothing and household items. Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has repeatedly publicly expressed his support and confidence in the future of digital assets. Therefore, when buying on the site, users just need to select Bitcoin in the payment method section.

For example, these wine glasses can be bought for 0.025 BTC. Source.

A crypto purchase is harder to make on Amazon. More precisely, it is impossible to do, because the site itself does not provide such an opportunity. Many companies such as Gyft, however, sell items from the American e-commerce giant using coupons or gift certificates.

Customers from Russia can also use the site fatcats.market, whose owners call themselves “Fat Cats,” where products and services of various categories are presented, anything from the organization of ICOs to renting aircraft, selling electronic equipment, or organizing a romantic walk on the roof. The portal accepts Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash. According to the executive director of Fat Cats, Nikolai Mokhov, making payments in cryptocurrencies is a reality. After all, people are ready to pay for real and legal goods with digital money.