"It took only a few months for Sally, an executive assistant living in British Columbia, to become Crypto Sally, a Lambo-touting altcoin influencer who makes a living on YouTube videos," as Wired writes. Now, the discount codes "SALLY" and "CRYPTOSALLY" give users hefty discounts in several online stores.

The New Sally

According to her LinkedIn profile, Crypto Sally's job title is "crypto enthusiast," and she has held this title since June 2017. Sally says that she started from trading Bitcoin and Ether, but then quickly switched to other altcoins. She studied trading strategies, "growing her portfolio to unprecedented size" in several months, accumulating enough to quit her job. Sally did not respond to a request for a comment from DeCenter regarding her previous job, and during a conversation with Wired, Sally asked not to disclose her full name.

On her official website, Sally says that she now spends most of her time studying coins and sharing knowledge: "I remember how it was at the beginning . . . when I spent countless hours and [wasting huge amounts of] energy sifting through information on the Internet to find what I needed to know in order to start trading cryptocurrencies." To date, Sally has released two guides containing "basic information that [she] would have liked to have herself when she was just starting."

The first, "Bitcoin Basics: Cryptocurrency Quick-Start Guide," is available for free on Sally's website. "Although there are tons of useful articles and excellent YouTube channels, I believe that they are poorly structured and can confuse many newcomers," Sally says. The 34-page manual is divided into seven main chapters with basic information on how to buy, sell, and store Bitcoin and altcoins, and there are also instructions on how to create an account on a crypto exchange such as Coinbase. "This guide is for those who have never bought Bitcoin or altcoins and still have a vague idea of exchanges, wallets, and transactions," Sally says.

The second manual, "Trading Crypto: Simple Strategies for Big Returns," can be purchased on Sally’s website for $14.99. It describes the basics of fundamental and technical analysis for those who do not have a background in finance or investments. "This guide also contains my personal strategies, in the effectiveness of which I was convinced over the past year after making a significant profit from cryptocurrencies," Sally writes.

Social Life

In January, Sally created a themed Twitter account—which now has more than 14,900 subscribers—and published the first video on YouTube in March.

It was YouTube that became the main platform for Sally, where she has about 18,000 followers. The first video on her YouTube channel covered "crypto mapping." In this video, Sally compared seven platforms using the consensus algorithm Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS): EOS, Lisk, Icon, Ark, Nebulas, Achain, Rise, and Shift using many indicators, including block generation time, the number of transactions per second, and the fees as comparison criteria. In the next similar video, Sally parsed the tokens of decentralized exchanges, among which were Waves, 0x, Bancor, and Aurora.

Sally published her first interview with the CEO of a blockchain company on March 25, in which she spoke with the CEO of the Shopin decentralized shopping application Eran Eyal.

A popular topic on Sally’s YouTube channel is the review of coins from her own investment portfolio. Her holdings consist mainly of altcoins with low market capitalization that have not yet taken off. "I like to find coins that are traded on small exchanges . . . because this usually means there is space for growth and the potential of listing on a large exchange," Sally says in one of the videos. Sally’s portfolio contains Nebulas, Qash, BABB, Internxt, Nexo, and a number of other tokens that she has not yet disclosed. A table file is always attached under the video in which Sally includes detailed information about the coin, such as the current market capitalization, the number of tokens in circulation, the cumulative emissions and the maximum (if any), the historical maximum (ATH) and the drop percentage, the source of the token’s value, complete information about the project, the company’s creator, and the products being developed, as well as information about the team, its partners, and the number of subscribers to the social media channels.

Once Again on How to Choose

Sally describes her altcoin investment strategy in another video called "Crypto Basics: Fundamental Analysis."

 As a first step, Sally advises traders to collect the data available on Coinmarketcap and assess each coin’s market capitalization. Sally proposes to consider a capitalization above $1 billion as high, from $100 million to $1 billion as medium, and less than $100 million as low, and advises choosing medium-cap coins that have growth potential.

 The next thing to consider is supply. Sally prefers cryptocurrencies with a limited supply (up to 1 billion tokens).

 The next step is to review the white paper. As a rule, a transparent project provides comprehensive information about the product. When relying on the white paper, Sally first advises determining the type of token and the corresponding blockchain algorithm used to achieve consensus.

 On the technical side, it is also important to analyze the potential problems that the project may face due to its nature. It is often a scalability problem for the internal token of a platform. For the decentralized exchange (DEX) token, for example, they are likely to face problems of liquidity. Accordingly, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the project proposes solutions to these problems.

 Next, one needs to study the utility of the coins. "Specific usage scenarios are something that I really pay attention to because I want to see that the token really has utility within the economy. It will grow in value in the future precisely because it is used," Sally says.

 It is also necessary to evaluate what stage the product is at, whether it be at the stage of a beta version, a prototype, a working version, or the main network.

 "If I like all of these aspects, I turn to the team. I start looking for biographies, profiles on LinkedIn, photos. You need to make sure that they have a detailed page dedicated to the team. You should also look at the history of successful startups launched by the CEO . . . or [if there are any] team members with a background in Google, Alibaba, Airbnb, IBM," says Sally, noting that the team does not just need to have a lot of experience, but this experience should be applicable to the industry in which their project is being built. "Partners and investors are also important, but first of all I expect a strong team," Sally emphasizes.

 The next object of evaluation is the roadmap, and here it is necessary to pay attention to whether the project has passed the previous milestones, what the team is working on at the moment, and what tasks await in the future. Sally advises getting acquainted with all of the upcoming events in the "crypto calendar" of CoinMarketCal. "You can see if they have a basic network and whether the launch of a wallet or airdrop is being prepared. I always study this section to find out how many events they have planned for a year and what they have on the agenda."

 Next, Sally goes on to analyze social media channels. She notes that the number of subscribers is an important criterion, but a small number of them does not always have to repel one from the project. "If this is a new coin, it may not have many [followers], but you can still get an idea of the character of this coin, and the attitude towards it." One of the most productive ways to "get a lay of the ground" is searching by hashtags on Twitter, Sally says.

 The next step is to look at the competitors to see whether there is a "similar coin," that is, a coin with similar functionality. And if so, which one has more advantages.

 It is also important to pay attention to the history of the price movements, the ATH indicator, the periods of subsidence, and the current state to determine the most advantageous entry point.

 In conclusion of the analysis, it is worth looking at the exchanges on which the given coin is being traded.

The First Crypto Contract

On May 6, Sally announced a partnership with the AmaZix ICO promotion agency, within which she will publish one to three videos per week with the company's customers. Interviews with partners have since dominated her Youtube channel, including interviews with the CEO and CTO of the sea freight company Blockshipping Peter Ludvigsen and Jesper Vedelsby, CEO of the Peoplewave human resources project Damian Cummings, and CEO of SyncFab blockchain supply chain management project Jeremy Goodwin.

When Should We Expect the Twilight of an Era?

As noted by Wired, Sally's following is small when compared to beauty or gaming bloggers with tens of millions of subscribers. But, in a burgeoning world, they are enough to become a star. "I am nobody by the standards of traditional marketing, but since this space is so new and so crazy at the moment, there are very few crypto influencers, especially women," Sally said. At the same time, she admits that it is strange to her that she is considered a crypto influencer, "because [she] began doing this just for fun." In a conversation with Wired, Sally expressed confidence in the "resilience" of cryptocurrencies but was not so optimistic about the market for influencers. "I do not expect this to be my career for the rest of my life. It may end in a month. I do not know," she said.