Yllo Messenger is a decentralized peer-to-peer application from the Russian crypto platform of the same name, which is a whole ecosystem and includes a platform for creating users’ own tokens, a Yllo Wallet crypto wallet, and a messenger. DeCenter reviewed the work of the messaging program, with which users can make cryptocurrency transactions and receive rewards in LightToken (XLT) coins for high activity.

обзор приложения Yllo Messenger
Yllo Messenger

A messenger from the blockchain network of the same name with its own crypto wallet

Yllo Messenger, as stated in the project documents, combines the functions of a messenger, a crypto wallet, and a notebook. The stability of the structure underlying the application is provided by the cluster architecture in the form of nodes and supernodes. Thanks to this, all the tools of the platform and the Yllo messenger are interconnected, and all data on the network is safely stored and transmitted between the parties that participate in the dialog.

вход в мессенджер Yllo Messenger

At the moment, Yllo Messenger can only be downloaded from App Store, but the application’s developers will soon release a version for Android smartphones. After downloading and opening the program, users need to select the country code and enter the phone number to which the verification code of four numbers will be sent. Users must also enter their username and add a photo if desired.

регистрация в приложение Yllo Messenger

In Yllo Messenger, the Yllo io chat is added by default in the list of messages, which describes the essence of the application and presents links to the official pages on social networks. Any questions about the operation of the program can be asked in the same correspondence.

The design of the Yllo Messenger application is minimalistic. The program allows users to send text and audio messages, photos and videos, and there is a function to edit the text and delete the archive of the correspondence and the account itself. Delivered messages are marked with a single gray check mark, read ones, with a green tick. No failures in the chat were detected during testing of the messenger.

переписка пользователей в приложении Yllo Messenger

In the “Settings” section, it is possible to change the name, add a username, enable or disable alerts, preview messages, sounds, display the crypto wallet, and contact the technical support of the project.

настройки приложения Yllo Messenger

The “Contacts” section shows cellular numbers from the user’s phone book. There is a “magnifying glass” for quick search. Three main functions of Yllo Messenger open through the control panel in the upper left corner: chat, notes, and wallet.

возможности приложения Yllo Messenger

“Notes” allow users to write words and mark them in a different way by underlining, strikethrough, selecting the font (bold and italic), and highlighting items through bullets and numbers. But the created text is saved without the previously selected formatting when copying and sending to another user.

работа с заметками в приложении Yllo Messenger

The “Wallet” section shows the crypto wallet balance. For each day of active use, the project promises to transfer XLT bonus tokens. Over the day of testing the Yllo Messenger and inviting a friend to the chat, we received 0.119 XLT. To test the completion of transactions, 0.1 XLT was transferred via chat, and the coins were sent to the sender’s wallet at the speed of message delivery. A commission of 0.00001 XLT was charged for the transfer.

крипто-кошелек в приложении Yllo Messenger

Yllo Messenger: Review Summary

The Yllo Messenger application is a prototype of some well-known messaging software and is not inferior to Telegram, WhatsApp, and WeChat. The project is at the stage of implementation of the idea, so at the moment, there is no possibility of organizing group chats, making video calls, or creating private or public channels. But the developers of the Yllo project promise to add these functions and ensure full security of user information. It will be possible to visually encrypt text using the character set, which will become readable when users touch it with their fingers, and in the future, they plan to implement tactile communication, which implies the communication of gestures. The transfers of the project’s LightToken (XLT) were made quickly, and transfers for activity in the chat took place in the morning.