Zombie Battleground TCG is the world’s first collectible card game strategy based on the Ethereum blockchain. To finance the project, in 2018, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on Kickstarter, during which the developers raised $321,606. The game was released by the Loom Network team, which also stands behind the release of the famous game Crypto Zombies, in which users learn programming in the Solidity language. As for Zombie Battleground, here players need to collect warriors (cards) into their own zombie army (deck) and fight with other users. The game is available for download on iTunes, Google Play, and Steam.

Zombie Battleground TCG

The first collectible card game on the Ethereum blockchain

Since the game is on the Ethereum blockchain, all the cards are ERC-721 standard tokens, which belong only to the players. At the same time, it is not necessary to fight for the cards; in the future, they can also be exchanged or purchased for ETH on the P2P marketplace, which is under development. At the moment, Zombie Battleground TCG is available in the beta, and therefore, users are limited in capabilities. For example, players cannot yet receive special awards for winning battles. A full alpha release is scheduled for May of this year.

To start the game, users need to download a mobile application or a desktop version Zombie Battleground TCG, which is also available for Windows and macOS. After entering the game, the user will be offered a training tutorial that will tell about the rules of the game and the features of various cards. Users can also read the rules of the game on the official website of the game.

By selecting this option, the user can play the default deck, and various prompts will be available during the battle.

Keep in mind that PvP (Player versus Player) gameplay will be available only after completing the full tutorial, which consists of five rounds.

If the player wants to skip the tutorial, then the next step is to sign up. To do this, users must provide an e-mail address and come up with a password. Further on, a link will be sent to the inbox to verify the user.

After registration, the player will get access to the main menu where they can start collecting cards, playing against other users, as well as admiring the warriors of their zombie army.

Since Zombie Battleground TCG is currently released in beta, the “Shop” and “Open Packs” options in the main menu are not available yet, and users can only set the sound or exit the game in “Settings.”

During gameplay, the user can choose one of two modes, Solo or VS. In Solo mode, players collect cards within different storylines while VS allows users to fight others.

Next, the player needs to choose the general of their zombie hordes, as well as collect the soldiers in one deck of 30 cards.

To change cards in the deck, users need to click on the pen icon. Two fields will appear in front of the player: the cards that appear in the battle will be displayed in the upper one, and the complete collection of the player’s cards will be in the lower one.

Having chosen the leader of the zombie hordes and the warriors, the player can start the battle.

In case of victory, the player will receive a mini deck of five cards where there can be both zombie warriors and boosters, or special cards that help the player in battle.

Zombie Battleground TCG Review Summary

This is a unique blockchain game of its kind that is perfect for those who remember the popular card game Magic: The Gathering. During the review, the Zombie Battleground TCG worked smoothly and loaded quickly, and problems could arise only when there was no Internet connection. At the same time, the use of the blockchain allows users to actually collect tokens of the ERC-721 standard, which in the future can be sold on the marketplace for ETH, thereby bringing real crypto income to the players. Among the shortcomings, we can only mention the limited capabilities of the beta version, so DeCenter is looking forward to the release of an alpha version of the exciting card game.